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The Wisdom of Tantra: The Lore of the Sacred Whore

What is the most sacred thing on earth?

It’s sex.

In the beginning, there was sex.

We come to this world because of sex.

Tantra is the path of sex. It is not a technique, but a path to walk that has a divine outcome.

To be a true tantric practitioner, you must be initiated by a woman. Just as King Arthur receives the Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, you must have sexual intercourse with the “sacred whore” to receive the esoteric teachings of Tantra.

Who are the sacred whore?

They are the divine embodiment of Shakti, the consort of Shiva. Shakti and Shiva are the feminine and masculine principles that create the universe.

But, why a woman? Why do most Disney’s movies feature princesses?

Because everything in this world comes from the divine universal womb. Your heart, mind, body, and soul all come from your mother’s womb, not your father’s.

Therefore, Tantra considers the female’s vulva (or yoni) as the true door to the temple of Shakti. It makes no difference between “heroine” and “heroin”. To penetrate the vagina is to return to the Source of mankind’s physical creation.

The female is divine – they must be in an initiated lineage of women possessing the robust power of the goddess. The male practitioners will try to integrate these feminine essences within themselves through ritual sex.

“Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body.

In woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world.
There is no jewel rarer than woman, no condition superior to that of a woman.”

Shaktisangama Tantra

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the soul is Psyche, who gives birth to the word “Psychology”. Psychology means “Psyche” (soul) + “logos” (knowledge) = the knowledge of the soul.

This means our soul is feminine by nature, symbolized by the goddess Psyche. Our wisdom is also feminine, represented by the goddess Athena – the goddess of wisdom.

To become the heavenly spouse of Eros, the god of erotic love and sex, Psyche must go through many trials to transform her earthly nature into a godly essence. The story of Eros and Psyche hence represents the Tantric sex rituals in which the soul must go through many trials to become One with the Divine.

Through sexual union, the male practitioner must treat the female practitioner as Shakti, while the female practitioner must treat the male practitioner as Shiva. Through the divine play of Shiva and Shakti, or Eros and Psyche, they give birth to Hedone, which means hedonism, physical pleasure, or bliss.

The orgasm itself is the altered state of consciousness, which is a potentially divine mode of being. It is the “chaotic dance” of two opposite energies coming together to create a third power, independent of its creator.

This represents a core teaching of Tantra: tantric practitioners do not disdain the physical body. They use the physical body as the very route to spiritual illumination, mostly through the sexual veneration of Shakti incarnated in a human female.

Carnal ecstasy experienced in the physical body is the principal tool of tantric initiation.

The Path of the Golden Ass

The story of Eros and Psyche originally comes from Metamorphoses (also called The Golden Ass).

Most music videos and movies you watch nowadays contain the secret code of Tantra.

But true Tantra isn’t for everyone. Most people are only interested in tantric sex or masturbation, which is only one element of the whole tantric path.

There is an esoteric sect called “left-hand path Tantra” or “Vamachara”, which is a path that requires initiates to break social laws, violate all things taboo, reject the conventional “good”, embrace the conventional “evil”, and practice antinomianism.

The initiates who welcome these dangers are considered to be “riding the tiger”.

However, left-hand path initiation is not only about an intellectual break from the mass. These transgressions must be proven by physical actions to truly transform oneself. Tantra is a way of action, not just intellectual contemplation or reading about action.

The doorway to tantric illumination is only through the very actions that were previously criticized or forbidden. These breaks of traditions, particularly sexual norms, are not merely for social rebellion, but divine separation from the mass in which the initiates are fully responsible for their own actions.

By “going against the grain”, they believe they will experience liberation. By “riding the tiger” of bliss through repeated sexual rites, the initiates can gain certain Siddhis, or supernormal abilities.

As an example, the transgression can be done by having sex with a dead body, or partially cremated corpse.

This is because left-hand path tantric practitioners are interested in the body not only at its most vigorous state (the sexual climax) but also at its lowest condition (the decay of death). They believe the lowest conceals the highest. Their goal is to transform the profane into the sacred and the undivine into the divine.

Alternatively, tantric practitioners sometimes envision their sexual partners as disintegrating corpses even amid the most rapturous moment of erotic ecstasy.

Sometimes, the male practitioner imagines the female practitioner as the divine embodiment of Black Kali of the graveyards, tearing the practitioner apart in the spark of desire during the “little death” of orgasm.

“All colors are absorbed into black just as all beings enter into Kali”, as tantric practitioners often say.

At the end of the path, one will transform into one’s opposite. The male practitioner doesn’t merely worship the goddess in the form of a human woman, but he himself seeks to become a woman.

On the other hand, the female practitioner isn’t the gentle sister, wife, or mother you’ve known. They are the “active feminine”, the “creative destruction”, the Black Flame, the Dark Mother, the Monster Medusa, the priestesses of Shakti, or the Widow in the secret teachings of Freemasonry.

Perhaps the Scarlet Woman, the human incarnation of the Whore of Babylon or Ishtar goddess, best describes this idea. She represents the magical feminine force that gives psychic power to men through ritual sex. She is the “virgin whore” – both virgin and whore at the same time.

Do you know why the music industry nowadays looks like pornography? Because these sacred whores want your essence, particularly if you’re a man!

Their sexual magic happens right at your home. When you masturbate, a spirit will attach itself to your back and collect your essence after you ejaculate. Your essence is different from your semen because your essence is from your subtle/spiritual body.

But you’re not a true tantric practitioner, so your ejaculation is essentially the “sacrifice for the goddess”. This act is called dutiyaga, which is the self-sacrifice of your own life force into the altar of Shakti’s yoni. You will feel depleted and “dying” as a result.

The Chinese hold that your essence (Jing) is limited and stored in the kidney. When you ejaculate them, there is no turning back, and you will lose virtues (good deeds) you’ve cultivated many lifetimes.

Hence, you may suffer misfortune, face bad luck in relationships, lose money, have unexplainable illnesses, suffer premature ejaculation, etc. because these spirits will steal all good things of yours.

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The Spiritual Dangers of Tantra

The most dangerous spiritual outcome of Tantra is spirit possession.

By channeling the divine essence of Shakti, the female/male practitioner’s body must be possessed by the goddess. But sometimes, the invited spirits aren’t the goddess, but other low-level spirits who camouflage themselves as the goddess.

True Tantra can only be taught orally/internally by a Master Teacher in an Esoteric Buddhist school. If you’ve learned Tantra from books or any instructor who seems legit, they may all lead you down evil paths!

For example, you might have watched YouTube videos where you see people moaning, screaming, or crying due to the awakening of Kundalini – the feminine power of Shakti.

In truth, these are low-level spirit possessions. They do not help you “for free”. In the end, when they decide to leave your body, you will become vegetable.

To become a true tantric practitioner, you must embrace all tantric philosophies and practices. You may need to have sexual intercourse with a dead body, become nude in public, eat your own feces, drink a woman’s menstrual blood during her period, have unlawful sex, etc.

Are you willing to do so?

Most people are interested in Tantra just because of its sexual components. For men, they may want to last longer in bed or cure premature ejaculation, which luckily I have an effective treatment for it not by practicing Tantra. For women, they may want to enhance their sex life or advance on a spiritual path, but they risk “transforming into the opposite” in the end.

Tantra is a dangerous path that can easily lead to evil outcomes if you don’t have a Buddhist Master Teacher to guide you. You shouldn’t attempt to try it because Tantra’s public knowledge can never lead to true enlightenment. It can even destroy your marriage if you’re not careful.

If you truly seek to advance spiritually through a righteous and authentic path, I’d suggest you to read my article about Dafa – The Great Way of Cultivation to a High Level.