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Subliminal Messages in Music Videos – Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry

The music and entertainment industry is full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Even the new logo of Twitter (X) contains a secret Masonic code. If you flip it around, you will get the compass and the square – the symbol of Mason.

Nothing happens by coincidence. Every video you’ve watched is a secret code, because Freemasonry is a secret society, veiled in the hidden truth of the universe and illustrated by the language of symbols.

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Why symbolism, you ask? Because symbolism is the language of wisdom. A symbol can mean multiple things to different people, depending on your level of enlightenment. It also affects your subconscious mind, so you register these pieces of information without being aware that you’re being registered.

For example, if you watch the video Booty by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, you may think that it is just a normal music video, but this video is specifically made for men to masturbate! When you watch the Dark Horse by Katy Perry, it is in fact an Egyptian magical ritual asking for your participation right at your home.

I will explain everything in detail later. There are many other videos like that, and you can check them in this YouTube list.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry

These videos specifically aim at men because women are in charge of sex on our planet Earth. A male dog is not allowed to enter the female one unless she is “in heat”. This is the law of nature: women rule over sex on this planet.

As I said in my free Esoteric Astrology course, the highest teaching of Freemasonry is that Heaven is found between the women’s legs, and everything they do is a reflection of this principle. The course is free to take because money is not the thing we take with us when we leave this life.

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How Music Videos Affect You in Another Dimension

You can rest assured that when you like a certain song, it will keep playing in your head non-stop. Why is that so?

Because in another dimension, your mind has allowed the music to enter your body, so you have basically “digested” the music you listened to. If your mind is strong, no being would dare to enter your body, yet you allow it to enter you. The music goes through you based on the law of vibration.

This dimension is ruled by Neptune, which governs all visual, subconscious communication or other suggestive messages like “come”, “give me”, “rain on me”, “let me in”, etc.

When you watch a music video, which is full of symbols, rhythms, and gestures, this will affect your Neptunian nature – the subconscious domain of your mind. Neptune also governs sleeping and dreams, so sometimes you may even hear the music playing in your head before you sleep.

Subliminal Messages in Music Videos

The messages you see in movies and music videos are subtle. You have actually registered all videos’ subliminal messages in your mind – you just need to recall the details, because that’s what the prefix “re” means: to recollect or remember what is already there. Your subconscious mind already has everything, you just need to research and take them out.

One of the most popular symbols you can see is the Sigil of Lucifer. As I said, the subliminal messages are subtle. You register these symbols when you see the background, the setting, the building, and even the clothes the artists/singers wear. In the video Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, you can see this symbol in her clothing.

The ‘X” over the sigil indicates the power and realm of the physical plane; its passion, lust, and sensuality that drives all beings. The downward-pointing triangle represents water, often referred to as the original “Elixir of Ecstasy” without which physical life could not exist. The “V” at the bottom of the sigil represents the vulva of the female, where the water of life comes from.

Every symbol in a ritual serves a purpose, which is used to invoke the presence of a particular spirit. When you agree to let these spirits inside your body (by listening to their songs regularly, accepting their ideas/messages, and even self-pleasing yourself with their erotic images), you invoke the presence of that particular spirit.

Hence, the Sigil of Lucifer acts as a gateway to invoke and bestow the power and presence of Lucifer. The purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer is that of an instrument of visual invocation during ritual.

Another popular symbol is the swastika 卍, which means “He who came from nothing”. It represents a microcosm of the universe, or our Milky Way. You can see this symbol in the video Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

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It’s important to know that Hitler did not own the swastika. Symbols belong to nature. The devils can’t create their symbols, but they take the symbols of nature and misuse them. What they do is take the highest symbol of love, enlightenment, and truth – the swastika – and fill them with lust, ignorance, and greed in your mind.

Hence, what you once associated with love is now being replaced by lust. What you once associated with wisdom is now being replaced by ignorance. The devils simply reverse the natural order of nature, so men become women and women become men.

Particularly if you’re a man, it would be no surprise that after watching Rain on Me, you would want to mastubate, because in another dimension, they may have successfully installed a psychic mechanism in a specific layer of your body or subconscious mind.

A spirit might have attached itself to your back. If you’re a regular masturbator, you could see the face of the spirit/devil when you try to go into deep meditation. They will look fearful, of course, and the more you try to go into deep meditation, the more they will scare or distract you with certain thoughts and images.

Magic Rituals are Done at Your Home

Let me clarify that every time you watch a music video and agree with what has been said, you’re actually participating in their ritual. Your participation has the power to invoke a certain spirit/demon in your home environment.

After all, if symbolism and subliminal messages are harmless and of no use, why would these people purposefully place their symbols in their videos? There must be a reason for its existence, isn’t it?

This is the power of the Internet, because the magic rituals these celebrities perform ask for your participation right at your home. Indeed, even the Internet you’re using is the symbol for the beast, because the World Wide Web = www = 666 in Hebrew numerology.

When you gain the ability, you will see that everyone has already been registered by the mark of the beast as of now. Our current situation is that dangerous! However, people who follow the Great Way of Cultivation will not be affected by low-level energy and demonic spirits as long as you can keep your mind righteous.

As you can see, your favorite celebrities, politicians, and movie stars are not regular people; they are high sorcerers, occultists, and magicians who understand the nature of things. These people understand the immutable laws that govern our universe as I indicated in my Esoteric Astrology course, yet they hide these secrets to rule, influence, and control over you.

The Door of Initiation

Because the magic is done in another dimension, which will eventually affect you in this physical dimension, there must be the door of initiation for you to enter another realm. The door of initiation is called Jachin and Boaz in Freemasonry, which are the two pillars in front of Solomon’s Temple.

You can see these two pillars existing in many music videos, such as Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, Sip It by Iggy Azalea, etc.

What these pillars basically mean is: “Welcome, you have been initiated into the realm of lust, greed, and sex” because this is the type of energy of which these videos are made.

Particularly in Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, you can see the symbol of Freemasonry more clearly. In the middle of the Masonic symbol, there is always a letter G because it represents God. The word “Gym” in the video is just a symbolic representation of the Masonic letter G.

One Eye Symbolism

You might have seen many artists and singers make a one-eye symbolism. This symbol, on a basic understanding, represents the Illuminati. Diving deeper, you will see that this eye strongly correlates with the female clitoris.

Why so? Because that’s the G spot for women, the letter G of Freemason! When you touch a woman’s G spot during an intimate communion, her “eyes” will open.

As I said in the introduction, secret societies believe that Heaven is found between the women’s legs. All their symbolism, teachings, and hidden knowledge are surrounded by this theme.

Women have the special ability to give birth, because only they can navigate unborn spirits into our world. To enter another realm, you have to enter it through a woman. She is the tree of life because from her comes the fruit for this earth.

In other words, you have to treat your woman right if you want to go to Heaven. You can believe anything, but you can’t change the law of nature. If wisdom is not laughed at by common men, it is not wisdom.

Selling Souls to the Devil

Many artists have their lyrics saying they sold their souls to the Devil, and some of them may even publicly declare so.

For example, in the video Side To Side by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Ariana said:

“Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devils. And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble”.

Katy Perry has also said she sold her soul to the devil during an interview:

“I swear I wanted to be like the Grammy Grand of Music, but it didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the devil.”

Indeed, the music industry is full of animal spirits and demonic possessions. These people look like humans, yet they are not humans.

Basically, the powers they gain do not belong to them but belong to the spirits who possess them. Some people unknowingly attract spirit possessions, while others knowingly sign the deal with the devil.

You might have heard the alter ego of Beyoncé is Sasha Fierce, Eminem is the Real Slim Shady, Miley Cirus is Hanna Montana, Justine Bieber is Shawty Mane, and Jenifer Lopez is Lola. These are their spirit possessions or demons: they have signed a contract to gain fame, money, and power in exchange for the essence of their soul and their human body.

Where Are Ü Now – Justin Bieber

In the universe, there is a principle: no loss, no gain. Everything comes with a cost. These celebrities do not gain their wealth in a righteous way, so they trade their souls with the devils to gain things that do not belong to them.

They are as much victims as the ones they harm since it’s guaranteed that with all the wealth and fortune they have, they would not even enjoy it. The laws of the universe do not just let them enjoy things without paying off their karmic debts.

You can use money to buy food, but you cannot buy deliciousness. You can use money to buy sex, but you can never buy love. You can use money to buy servants, but you can never buy loyalty, trust, and dedication. Everything valuable doesn’t have a price tag, after all.

And if you have mistakenly sold your soul to the devil, there is still a Way for you to come back. The compassion of the Creator is available to all. If you are truly sincere about returning to your original nature and cultivating yourself, where there is a will, there is a Way.

The Serpent (Snake) – The Root of Problems

You might have seen the serpent or snake in many music videos, movies, cultures, and traditions. You can see this on top of pharaoh’s head, in the Aladdin movie, and in many other popular music videos. Why is that?

It turns out that these people are possessed by the serpent spirit, which I explained in detail in my Esoteric Astrology – Class 6: Mars and Aries. The snake is the only non-mammalian vertebrate that has the pineal gland, so it needs specific energy supporting the pineal gland in the human body to enhance its pineal gland.

Because our pineal gland corresponds to the penis/vagina in our human body, people are tricked by the serpent to get involved in sexual magic. All of the energy gained during their practice will be used to enhance the snake’s eyes.

When someone is possessed by a snake and can see another dimension, it is not their third eye that is activated, but rather the attached snake’s eyes that allow them to see.

After each sexual ritual, these people think that their third eyes are enhanced and more powerful. But they’re not! It is the eyes of the serpent that allow them to see into another dimension, so people only deceive themselves as they are attached to spiritual power, sex, and money.

Besides snakes, there are other animal spirits as well, such as foxes and weasels, which have the ability to shapeshift into human beings.

It’s important to know that these are the animals’ natural abilities, as much as psychic powers are your natural abilities. Animal/demonic powers are way less powerful than the power of a true cultivator. With only your little finger, you can crush them. You just have to return to who you truly are.

The Misconception about Energy Gained through Evil Way

In Hollywood as well as other occult practices, the topic of witchcraft, sorcery, and magic is highly prevalent. After all, what these people do in their music videos and performances are magical rituals aimed at influencing you.

Practicing evil ways can take different forms, but most of them are motivated by worldly desires like status, money, spiritual power, and sex.

These people often have poor character and will not develop higher energy (gong). However, what they will get is karma. If enough karma builds up, it forms a type of energy.

Although this kind of karma is weak compared to the energy of true spiritual practitioners, it can still affect regular people since it is a form of energy. If its density grows high enough, it can strengthen the body’s lesser powers.

This is why many people have passed these practices down through the ages. They say, “I do bad things, I swear at people, and my higher energy (gong) grows right up.” But they can’t.

What is really happening is their bad actions are increasing the density of their negative karma or black matter. This allows them to develop some minor powers of the body through karma. However, these powers are not very strong. They wrongly believe they can develop true high-level spiritual energy by doing wrong things.

After all, karma is what is responsible for your distress and misfortunes in this life. Saturn is the lord of karma, and the more karma you have, the more pain and suffering you have to face in the future. There is no way around it, for the law of the universe does not allow you to owe someone something without paying it back. If you don’t want to pay, you will be forced to pay.

Their Ultimate Plan (Both Men and Women Should Read)

If you have watched my YouTube list, you will see that these music videos have the same theme: sex, lust, greed, arrogance, and sensuality. This is the mark of the beast; their videos/images are so provocative because they are made purposefully for people to masturbate (particularly men).

You can watch The Sweetest Pie by Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion, where they ask “You have never been to Heaven, have you?” and in the end, they will burn your penis off with the flame of Hell. Do you think that you will enter Heaven full of jealousy, sexual desire, and greed?

When you engage in masturbation, the energy you release with your ejaculation will be gathered by the spirits attached behind your back to make them stronger. The more often you do, the more power they have over your thinking and desire.

If you keep ignoring the situation, misfortunes are bound to happen in your life. You might face bad luck in relationships, struggle with unexplainable health problems, have premature ejaculation, lose money accidentally, face problems in marriage, etc.

These all happen for a reason! If you do not take action NOW to remove the bad spirits around you, they will only cause more suffering to you in the future.

And in terms of the future, their ultimate plan is not only to have you masturbate, but to masturbate while you’re using drugs (or smoking weed) and using Virtue Reality (VR). This is why in the video Booty, it is said “Full immersion begins in 10, 9, 8, …1″.

VR products are increasing, and many countries (such as Canada) have made cannabis legal for recreational use. There is a purpose behind everything, only if you know. If you fall for their traps, you will just deceive yourself, for you must face consequences in the future.

After all, the Great Way of Cultivation will help you to return to your original nature. The Way knows no color, belief, division, or ethnicity. It is not a religion because gods in religions are 666.

If you are sincere in cultivating and improving yourself, you can rest assured you will return “home” where you truly belong. The Way is the Truth for that which does not change.