Esoteric Wisdom

9 Immutable Universal Laws That Will Never Change

The universal laws are the Truth because that which does not change. Man cannot create laws. Man can only make rules and regulations and follow the laws of creation that are above him.

Law is the process by which the unmanifest becomes the manifest; it is the process by which the observer becomes the observed, the seekers become the truth, and the dreamer becomes the dream.

All creation, everything that exists in the physical world, is the result of the universal laws that govern all living things.

1. The Law of Virtue and Karma

Contrary to popular belief, virtue (gained by good deeds) and karma (gained by bad deeds) are not theoretical concepts, but they materially exist in another dimension. They are as real as your inner strength, inner courage, and inner commitment.

How can you say a person is loyal, trustworthy, or strong? It turns out that these qualities physically exist in another dimension; it’s just that your eyes do not yet see.

Virtue is a white material while karma is a black matter, which in Buddhism is referred to as “the karma from evil deeds.” These two substances exist in the same dimension associated with your body simultaneously.

What kind of relationship do virtue and karma have? We obtain the white one, virtue, through doing good deeds, overcoming hardships, and enduring mistreatments; the black substance is accrued by committing bad deeds, doing wrongful things, and mistreating people.

Nowadays, some people will do anything for their own gain, including all manner of evil. They will do all kinds of evil things for money, and they will also commit murder, pay someone to kill, practice homosexuality, have sex with multiple partners, and abuse drugs. They do all kinds of these things. But doing wrong costs a person virtue. 

To appreciate why we value virtue so much, just pause to consider a longstanding religious belief that blessings will come to the virtuous, in the next life if not in this life. The amount of blessings and virtues that one built up in one’s past lives determines what fortune is in store in this lifetime or in the next.

If one lives a blessed and virtuous life now, it can translate in one’s next lifetime into a high position and salary, or it might translate into different kinds of wealth and fortune. And this would also include whether one has a happy family or even how one’s children turn out, and so on.

This is the fundamental reason why some people are wealthy and others poor, why some hold positions of high rank while others are destitute and homeless. The universe is fair. Those who do good are blessed for it, while those who do wrong will face consequences—if not in this life, then in the next. For this is an immutable law of the universe!

2. The Law of No Loss, No Gain

“No loss, no gain. Everything comes at a cost.”

Li Hong Zhi

When a person speaks abusively to someone he might think that he’s the better for it and has let out his frustrations. But as the universe works, “no loss, no gain”.

To gain, one has to lose. If you do not want to lose, you will be forced to lose. And by whom, you ask? It will be enforced by the underlying qualities of the universe. So you can’t get away with not paying, wish as you may.

Here’s what happens in a scenario like I was just describing. When one person speaks abusively to another or pushes someone around, he will give his virtue to the other party. The more he swears at him, the more virtue he gives him. The same is true with beating up or bullying others. As one hits or kicks another person, one will give one’s virtue away according to how badly one beats up the other person.

The average person can’t perceive the workings of all this. And so he might be enraged by the abuse, and fight right back. But if he punches back, he will be returning the virtue that he had just been given, and as a result, neither one gains or loses anything from it.

But then suppose the second person thinks, “You have hit me once, so I should hit you twice. Otherwise, I won’t feel avenged.” Well, if he punches again, another portion of virtue will fly over from his body to the other party.

This is why Jesus has taught that if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

For spiritual practitioners, virtues are even more precious because these substances can be transformed into gong (higher energy) to develop psychic abilities.

“Gain” is to gain conformity to the nature of the universe. In turn, “loss” is to abandon negative thoughts and behavior, such as greed, the pursuit of wealth, lust, desire, killing, fighting, theft, robbery, deception, jealousy, etc.

(The Law of Virtue-Karma or No Loss-No Gain comes from the teachings of Master Li Hong Zhi)

3. The Hermetic Law of Mentalism

“The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Mentalism indicates we are living in a mental universe. It is the mental plane that manifests the material plane, not vice versa.

For example, it is your thoughts and intentions that dictate your actions, not the other way around. If you have any bodily sickness, you need to check the “disease” or “dis-ease” or “uneasiness” of your mind. When you have a stomachache, you need to check your thoughts. And when you remove the bad thoughts, your stomachache will be healed.

Hence, here is the sequence of physical manifestation: intention -> thought -> action -> habit -> character -> destiny.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, He created him; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27

When God created man in his own image, he imagined man in His Mind. From his imagination comes image-nation, which are the nations we have in our world today.

Like virtues/karma and other inner qualities, your thoughts materially exist in another dimension. It can move things around the world based on your Will. The entire universe, as well as everything in it, exists as a thought form before it manifests. According to the law, the universe is mental, manifesting the physical.

The physical world is simply a reflection of your thoughts and consciousness. The Law of Mentalism suggests by changing your thoughts and mindset, you can alter your reality and manifest your desires.

You need to think first before any action, and think righteously. Lower thoughts such as greed, jealousy, and hatred correspond to lower realms of Hell while higher thoughts such as love, compassion, and kindness correspond to angelic realms.

You literally feel the fire when you have lower thoughts – it’s guaranteed that way. Your material world is what you mentally project out from the inner world.

According to Wisdom Tavern,

  • The source of all creation is the Spirit or the Universal Mind.
  • The process of creation is the Universal Mind in motion.
  • The object of creation is the physical universe.

4. The Hermetic Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as within, so without.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Correspondence indicates “as above, so below; as within, so without.” It is the law responsible for how astrology, face reading, or palm reading works because we are a copy of the universe.

Our human bodies are merely the microcosm of the universe, and the universe is the macrocosm of our human bodies. We are all made of the same energy, atom, and essence that create the stars, planets, and galaxies. All animals, trees, rivers, rocks, and mountains are within you (Y.O.U = Your Own Universe).

The Law of Correspondence emphasizes there is a relationship between everything that exists in the smaller world and the larger world. In other words, whatever exists in the physical world exists in the non-physical world and vice versa.

What affects the Heaven (macrocosmic level) will affect the Earth (microcosmic level), yet what affects the Earth may affect the Heaven. It is the higher plane that controls the lower plane, not vice versa. This principle means everything that happens in our human society must be done according to the Will of Heaven.

For example, in the past, men were not allowed to know about the Truth or the Great Way of Cultivation to High Level. Ancient people believe whoever gives advice to a headless man is himself in need of advice. You were not allowed to know about who you truly are and how to return to your original nature until this critical time in our human history.

This was not because of secret societies or the devil, but it was done based on the Will of Heaven, because everything in our human world must be progressing as it should. Nature does not rush, yet it accomplishes its purpose.

5. The Hermetic Law of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Vibration embodies the truth that everything is in motion; everything vibrates; nothing is at rest; and everything must change.

From the chair you’re sitting on to the phone you’re looking at, everything is in motion. Even things that may seem stationary and solid are just vibrating at a very dense and slow rate compared to the higher vibrational states.

We can verify this based on scientific knowledge because its atoms are moving.

In the Bible, Adam is a secret code for Atom. When God puts a deep sleep upon Adam, it means God slows down the atom so it becomes denser in this physical plane. As the atom becomes slower and denser, it becomes solid (visible). As the atom vibrates faster and higher, it becomes air (visible).

The air that you breathe in is as materially real as your phone, house, and car, yet you can’t see the air. Hence, you drop from a higher plane to a lower plane when God puts a deep sleep upon Adam (or Atom), from a being of light to a being of matter.

To go back to who you are, you need to raise your vibrations. This law suggests by altering your vibrational frequency, you can attract different experiences and goodness into your life. When you do good deeds, help others, and improve your “self”, you will vibrate higher.

Conversely, when you harbor feelings of greed, lust, fear, arrogance, or doubt, your life circumstances often reflect those lower vibrational states.

The Law of Vibration also explains that spirit and matter can occupy the same space; they are just different in terms of the degrees of vibration. The light of the Sun can go through your body as much as the sounds of the music you listen to can go through your ear.

This indicates aliens are right beside us. They are just operating in different time-space because the time-space concept is different for each dimension. You can only enter another time-space through true spiritual cultivation.

When your eyes are open, you will see that rocks, trees, soil, and water are in fact all alive. They are all moving and in motion. Nothing rests. If they notice you can recognize them, they will even greet you.

As everything is vibrating, this hermetic principle also suggests change is a natural course of nature. In order to grow, you must change. In order to for new doors to open, old habits must cease. If you don’t want to change, stop breathing, because the moment you breathe, you change.

6. The Hermetic Law of Polarity (or Duality)

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half‑truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Polarity indicates everything in this world has a dual nature: soft-hard, young-old, masculine-feminine, etc. There can be no light without darkness, no death without life.

However, these two sides are essentially one just as a coin has two faces, but it is still a coin. Your human body has a left side and a right side, yet it is still a human body. There are two extremes of the same thing; they are not separate but different from each other in terms of degree.

The concept of polarity/duality can be seen clearly in the yin-yang symbol of the Daoist system.

Although yin and yang are opposite to each other, inside yin we have yang and inside yang we have yin. This means that your good actions contain negative elements within them and your bad actions have some good effects, even though the effects are small.

Nothing is absolute. Things are subject to the Law of Duality on this Earth unless we can raise our awareness and spirituality above the 33rd realm of existence. There, you will be free of reincarnation, and this is where you finally return “home”.

In this physical world, duality is actually an illusion. Why? Light and darkness are not one and the same. A person can have all the darkness around the world, yet with all of this power, he cannot even extinguish the light of a single candle.

To put it another way, when you turn on the light in your room, the darkness disappears. Therefore, goodness always overcomes evil as much as the divine always governs the devil.

The Law of Duality is relative, too: what is considered good for material men (money, fortune, possessions) may not be considered good for spiritual men, because these things cost virtues.

Virtues are what make your psychic power possible and your return “home” achievable. Without virtues or good deeds, you can’t return “home”. Spiritual men also want to get rid of their worldly attachments, so any attachments to material things are considered bad for them.

7. The Hermetic Law of Rhymth

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum‑swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Principle of Rhythm indicates everything moves in a pendulum‑like movement: a powerful swing to the left is equivalent to a powerful swing to the right.

This is the rhythm that will swing you back and forth between the two polarities. If you want to aim high, you must be willing to overcome your low times.

The stronger your character is, the harder the tests life throws at you. This explains why most successful people have to go through extreme hardships and suffering because they have to pay for what they want to achieve.

For example, if you smoke a lot of weed and are addicted to that high, you will be forced to face that kind of low when you wake up from your illusions. Your all-time high must be equivalent to your all-time low. There is no way around it because this is the immutable law of the universe, unless you take up spiritual practices and sincerely work on improving yourself.

The Law of Rhythm also states everything in the universe moves in cycles or patterns. Between every high and low tide, in and out breath, systole and diastole, day and night, there is a rhythm or pattern that keeps recurring. History repeats itself.

This was the reason why Confucius came up with the Doctrine of the Mean, indicating the wisest men will follow the Tao, the Middle Path, or the Way and seek no extreme. This doctrine emphasizes the importance of moderation and that one should never act in excess.

They understand that “the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left”. If you’re currently facing hardships, you can be confident that it can be a blessing from the universe, because the universe may have great things in store for you in the future.

8. The Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect indicates for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause has an effect, and that effect in turn becomes the cause of something else in an infinite cycle of events.

Cause produces effect, and effect also produces cause. Tree bears fruits, and fruits also bear trees.

The law indicates nothing in this world happens by accident. All the good and bad things coming into you are because of you – the Cause or the Creator of your own life.

Even something seemingly “random” can be traced back to originating circumstances that allowed it to manifest. Chance is simply a term for a cause you fail to recognize. You will reap what you sow and you will have to be responsible for your own actions.

To apply the Law of Cause and Effect, you must sow what you want to reap. For example, if you want to grow the tree of happiness, blessings, and peace, you must sow good deeds as seeds. You can’t steal and harm others to get what you want. If this is the case, you must lose. This is logic. Even homeless people can’t get free food if they don’t have enough virtue or blessing to exchange for it.

While you may think the Law of Cause and Effect only works on the physical level, it works on the mental level as well. If you pay attention, you will see that 90% of your thoughts today are similar to those of yesterday. Chance simply means you’re not aware of the inner cause of your problems.

To solve your problems, you need to get rid of the root cause of your issues, not its leaves and stems. If your lung hurts due to excessive smoking, you need to stop smoking instead of going to see a doctor. If people are not treating you right, you need to see how you’re treating others. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.

It’s important to know not all karma is active at once. Sometimes, your karma is “on hold” so that you can pay it back later, which is one of the reasons why you reincarnated in this life – to pay back what you owed in your previous life(s).

If you don’t learn the lessons the universe is trying to teach you now, the same events and situations will happen again in your life. You might have to come back here again and again to learn the same lesson, the lesson you should have learned.

9. The Hermetic Law of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

The Kybalion

The Hermetic Law of Gender indicates everything in this world has a gender. The sun is male while the moon is female, for example.

The word ”gender” is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to create; to produce.” “Sex” refers to the physical distinction between male and female living things, which is merely a manifestation of gender on the physical plane.

In other words, gender is not sex but the feminine and masculine principle underlying the creation of our universe.

The Law of Gender is what makes Tantric practices (or Tantra) possible by harmonizing the masculine-feminine between the two sexes. Tantric union practices strive to achieve a balance of yin and yang by gathering yin to supplement yang and vice versa, through mutual supplementation.

However, both Buddhists and Daoists hold that the human body innately has both yin and yang (you are both male and female in principle).

This is especially apparent in the Daoist concept of yin-yang, and it is the presence of both yin and yang in the body that makes it possible for you to develop higher powers, an angelic body, cherubs, spiritual bodies, and other supernatural beings. 

This holds true for the male as well as the female body. Within a man, there is a female side and within a woman, there is a male component.

Hence, we can progress to great spiritual heights without adopting Tantric union practices because using them runs the risk of falling prey to evil and lapsing into a dark practice, if it’s not handled well.

These practices are normally used by a monk or lama only at a very advanced stage of Esoteric Buddhist practice, and so he will be spiritually accomplished. He will be guided through the practice by a Master Teacher. And because this individual’s mind will be righteous, he will be solid, able to handle it well, and not succumb to evil.

By contrast, someone who is not very spiritually developed has no business using Tantra, as he would surely fall prey to evil. His character wouldn’t suffice. He would still have worldly, covetous thoughts along with sexual desire, and that would be the plane on which he dwelled. So it would be sure to turn out evil.