Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology: Mercury, Gemini, and Virgo – Class 4

Astrology is the wisdom of the Universe. Wisdom is that which can’t be told to you, but to be unraveled from within you. Revelation is the knowledge coming from the Heaven about the Heaven.

It’s important to understand that it is the Creator or the Universe who hides the knowledge, not man, due to man’s wordly attachments and ignorance. It is a privilege to know the Truth, not a birthright.

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  • Role: The Messenger of Gods
  • Meaning: Your mind, communication style, logic, reason, writing skills, learning capability
  • Keywords: Commerce, intellect, persuasion, agility, speed, short travel, siblings, neighborhood
  • Body parts: Nervous system, arms, lungs, face, hair

Mercury is the messenger of the gods. It is the energy of conversation, of thinking, and of relating to others. It’s not just thinking, but it’s thinking and relating that information to someone else. This energy conveys itself to you and through you.

The power of Mercury is the power of the mind. Correct thinking produces correct behaviors which will produce correct results. If you constantly think about poverty, you can bet you will be poor. If you think about prosperity, you can bet you’re going to prosper.

The power of your mind will give you whatever your soul desires. The loser thinks he is a victim while the winner thinks he is always the winner. Whatever your mind conceives and believes, it will achieve.

As the communicator of the zodiac, Mercury has the power of speech. Your words can cast spells, which is why it’s called “spelling”. The universe is created by one word or uni-verse. With one word the Creator speaks, He can create a whole world, which comes from his imagination or “image-nation”.

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Genesis 1:27

Every nation of our world comes from the Creator’s “image-nation”. Before God created man, He imagines man. We are living in a mental universe because it is your Mind that has power over your brain.

With Genesis 1:27, 2 + 7 = 9, which indicates the spiritual completion of all things. Male and female represent the duality principle of the universe: soft vs. hard, good vs. bad, rich vs. poor. Men will not know happiness unless they know sorrow. Men will never know the Truth unless they know they are deceived by falsehood. You’re also both male and female in principle because that’s how the Creator created you.

Mercury represents the ability to shape the world according to your thinking so that your thoughts become a spiritual power. Whatever you’re thinking is what you’re attracting.

You build your Mind through the words that you speak to yourself. So when you think you’re strong, divine, and righteous, you become your thoughts. You’re living in a mind that has the potential to become Christ’s mind, Buddha’s mind, or Krishna’s consciousness.

The power of Mercury is the power of words. Whatever words you register in this electromagnetic, mental energy field are what you get back.

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

You may not prosper without first thinking about how to prosper. Your thoughts are the seeds that you sow to your ground (your body), so what you’re thinking and sending out there will come back to you.

Whenever you read the Bible and see the words “earth, land, desert, etc.”, it means your body, which is the “temple of God”. When you see the word “sword”, it’s an anagram for the word “words”.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?”

1 Corinthians 6:19

Everything in the universe begins as an image and manifests as an object. Astrology works based on the principle of “As above, so below“, so your mental thoughts materially exist.

In the birth chart, Mercury is also associated with how you process information. Mercury rules over your intellect, intelligence, mental agility, writing, short trips, communication style, and learning capacity.


  • Date: May 21 – June 21
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Keyword: I Think
  • Planetary ruler: Mercury
  • House: 3rd house – house of communication, daily travels, neighborhood, early education, writing/speaking abilities
  • Positive personality traits: Intelligent, agile, quick-witted, adaptable, curious, versatile, communicative, energetic, playful
  • Negative personality traits: Superficial, inconsistent, gossipy, prone to lying, fickle, restless
  • Organ: Throat, lungs, larynx, breath, hands, nervous system

Gemini is the Twins in the zodiac, representing Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. While Castor is mortal, Pollux is divine. Gemini has a dual nature within them and they often act as the earthly messenger (mortal) of the gods (divine).

Inside you, there is a lower mind (mortal) and a higher mind (divine). There is a human nature as well as a divine nature. The two pillars in Gemini’s glyph represent the duality principle that connects Heaven to Earth and vice versa.

When you’re born in the circle of 360 degrees, you’re bound to experience duality in everything you do. Your good actions have both good and bad effects as much as your bad actions have both bad and good effects.

The ultimate goal of Gemini is to use the law of duality to understand that there is time to play as well as there is time to work. There is time to lose as well as there is time to win. There is time to talk as well as there is time to listen.

The symbolism for Gemini in Greek mythology is Hermes, which means “three times great” or “thrice greatest”. This code indicates a grandmaster on 3 different planes (great = grand), to master three times, three realms, or three dimensions.

The truth is that there are 3 Realms in this universe, with each realm having 10 planes. When you put them together, you will get the number 33 (including the 3 realms themselves). When you overcome your FEAR (or transcend the 4 elements) and go above the 33rd, you will return “home” and be free of reincarnation. This is the secret teaching of 33rd Degree Freemasonry.

Gemini has long been associated with the caduceus, the symbol of medicine or the official insignia of the United States Medical Corps, Navy Pharmacy Division, and the Public Health Service. It’s important to know the power of your zodiac sign is the power associated with its planetary ruler.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, whose power is the power of the mind; therefore, Gemini’s association with the caduceus means your mind is the author of your own health.

The word “health” means “heal”. Most people think that healing is a process of removing sadness, fear, frustration, and poverty. However, healing is actually the process of removing your bad thoughts, bad feelings, and bad attachments; therefore, the body will be automatically purified and heal itself.

The Medical Corps tells you to pop pills, take prescription drugs, and consume vitamins/supplements, yet their symbols can tell everything. These people understand the secrets of the mysteries of the universe, yet they don’t let you know. “Placebo effect” is real because that’s how powerful your mind is.

The keyword for Gemini is “I think” because it’s not about what they feel, but about what they think. If Cancer feels its feelings, Gemini thinks about its feelings.

While a Cancer lady loves someone just because she feels she loves him, a Gemini man loves a woman because he thinks he loves her. And for the reasons he loves her, he will explain them.

Gemini has the ability to make things make sense. They have the talent for explaining things and communicating with people. If you see someone who seems to never sit still or stop talking, it is a sign of a Gemini.

The organs that Gemini rules are the larynx and the lungs. Gemini is the breath of life. If you don’t believe me, just hold your breath for 15 minutes, and then you can verify whether it is the breath of life or not.

Gemini people have a natural curiosity and are intellectual roamers of the zodiac. They are youthful in personality and seem to never stop playing. Whatever they do, they want to find the quickest, fastest, and most efficient way to deal with the task at hand. This is what the winged boots of Hermes represent: speed, agility, and flexibility.

In esoteric teachings, Gemini represents the 2 pillars of the Temple of Solomon: Jachin and Boaz. As shown in Gemini’s glyph, Gemini is the symbol of the master number 11, whose vibration is of light, strength, spiritual illumination, and initiation to a higher understanding.

The Mystery of September 11, 2001, and the Zodiac Sign Gemini

In the terrorist attack that happened on September 11, 2001, 9 + 1 + 1 = 11. September 11 was also happening 111 days before the end of the year.

The Twin Tower (Gemini) is located in New York state, which is the 11th state of America. The construction of the World Trade Center (WTC) began in 1966 and finished in 1977, which took 11 years to complete.

These two 110-story skyscrapers also collapsed within 1 hour and 41 minutes, caused by the American Airlines Flight 11 with 11 crew members of the flight. Going back 11 years before September 11, 2001, we have George Bush making his speech about the “New World Order” on September 11, 1990.

On the back of the US one-dollar bill, the phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means the “New Order of the Ages”, signifying “the beginning of the New American Era”.

The Declaration of the 13 United States of America happened on July 4, 1776, following the Illuminati’s establishment on May 1, 1776. We have 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 21, or 2001.

Therefore, what happened on September 11, 2001 was already planned beforehand. It was not a terrorist attack, but a Masonic ritual done using the power of Mercury/Gemini in order to spread a piece of important information to the world.


  • Date: August 23 – September 22
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Keyword: I Analyze
  • Planetary ruler: Mercury
  • House: 6th house – house of service, health, sickness, daily jobs, relationships with coworkers/superiors/servants
  • Positive personality traits: Analytical, practical, careful, detail-oriented, loyal, reliable, organized, diligent, helpful
  • Negative personality traits: Overcritical, nitpicky, obsessive, pessimistic, know-it-all, judgmental
  • Organ: Abdomen, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, digestive system, rectal muscle

The Veil of the Virgin Isis

In astrology, Virgo is considered a Virgin because virtue is the real key of Virgo. Virtue is considered the greatest secret of secrets because common men do not know their indestructible wealth is their good deeds.

Isis once said: “I am all that has been, that is, or shall be; no mortal has ever lifted my veil.” Virgo is the Virgin, so it’s no wonder no one could ever lift her veil!

Virgo doesn’t need priests, teachers, or politicians to tell them to do good; they naturally understand they need to do good because virtues are what you take to your next life, not your physical body, career, or possessions. “Virgin” is a coded word for “virtue”.

Christianity and Freemasonry have 4 cardinal virtues; the Greeks have their Virtue ethics; the Daoist cultivates their virtue in accordance with the Way (or the Dao); the Islamic virtue is based on ṣalāḥ or “righteousness”; Buddist people consider dharma or aṟam as divine virtue, etc.

All religions, faiths, and teachings point you to the same thing: to do righteous deeds, to cultivate virtue, and to help others. Virtues are what allow you to become Divine; they are as real as your money as they physically exist in another dimension. It is a white matter, which is in contrast to your karma (gained by wrongful deeds), which is a black matter.

Ordinary men can never lift the veil of Isis: they compete, fight, and harm each other for their own petty self-interests. Most thieves, gangsters, killers, or criminals believe they gain the upper hand due to their underhanded tactics and immoral conduct. The laws of the universe will retribute them for what they do, for human beings have to pay off their karma and be responsible for their own actions.

This is why Virgo people often seek to establish rules and order. They intuitively understand the laws of the universe that everything must be in order. Everything must be perfect, so the spiritual personality of Virgo is striving for perfection, which is healthy and natural.

Divinity is natural, and anything less than that is subnormal to Virgos. They have a natural inclination to improve themselves or to become Divine. Everything must make sense for Virgo because things should be exactly the way they are supposed to be. Everything must be clean, neat, efficient, and ordered as they should be.

In esoteric teachings, Virgo represents the archetype of Ma-son or Mother-Son because only from a Virgin that Jesus can be born. Only from a pure matter that your soul is created. Because of the vices of this world, we have lost our purity. Our goal is to cultivate virtues to regain the purity and divinity that we once had lost.

Due to this reason, morality is extremely important to Virgo. Morality is also what explains why Mother Nature will bring her Big Broom like volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados to sweep every corrupted thing away.

Everything happens for a reason. The areas corresponding to natural disasters are areas where human morality has declined to its lowest values, so things have to be restored and balanced once again.

You can gain this wisdom by studying the ancient pasts of the Egyptians, Atlantics, Mayas, Norse, etc. They all possess the same secret knowledge of the universe, yet they all die for the same reason – the decline of human integrity, ethics, and morals. Thus, secret knowledge is not a power, but your character is.

As something is out of order, Virgo will bring law, morality, and rules into existence. Virgo’s natural ability is to bring order out of chaos. This is why Virgo represents the Woman of the Apocalypse in the Bible.

“A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

Revelation 12: 1-2

A great sign here represents a zodiac sign. The 12 stars are the 12 zodiac signs, and Virgo is the only sign that represents a woman. In Catholic theology, the Woman of the Apocalypse is considered to be a reference to the Virgin Mary. You can see a correlation here, so it represents a principle, not a person.

Esoteric Teaching of Virgo

While Gemini governs the upper nervous system, Virgo governs the lower nervous system.

Virgo governs the intestinal tract and the lower part of the nervous system that interrelates with the sexual organ. It doesn’t govern the sexual organ but the nervous system that interconnects with the sexual organ.

The energy of Virgo is intelligence and understanding. It is not wisdom, but it is understanding so that things make sense.

From the thinking aspect of Virgo comes the eating aspect. We are what we eat because of what we think. We select our food based on our mental appetite. This is why Virgos are often picky and selective about which food they eat.

Virgo also governs the rectal muscle of the human body, which is a part of the elimination process. It is just as important to eliminate as it is to eat. If you have 3 meals per day and don’t have body movement at least once that day, old waste can stay in your body for years. They can stay in your body for up to 40 years in the lower intestinal tract.

The secret about the intestinal tract or colonic cleansing is the old waste in your body can create karma. It can produce bad thinking, bad feelings, and therefore bad behaviors. Hence, Virgos are often extremely conscious about their health. The theme of an overly anxious Virgo is hypochondria.

The Virgo constellation is also represented by an angel with wings holding a stock of wheat. The wings represent “power over”, and the domain of Virgo is the power over the physical body. The idea of wheat is about spiritual transmutation. When you eat a particular food, you transmute it.

Virgo is an earth sign, so it is in charge of the physical plane. They are thinkers like Gemini, but they like to bring their ideas to the physical world. Virgos are supposed to prosper easily if they keep doing good deeds, improving their morality, and helping humanity. The true power of Virgo is the power of righteousness, purity, and perfection.