Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology: The Sun and Leo – Class 2

Astrology exists not to defy religions or any other spiritual practices. It exists to verify religious scriptures and prove that if Jesus and Buddha can become Divine, so do you. The potential to become Christ and Buddha is within you.

When your divine nature emerges, it will shake the World in Ten Directions. Whoever sees this will help you, and they’ll help you no matter what, unconditionally.

When we study about the Sun, we need to look at its correlation with Leo (its ruling zodiac sign) and the 5th House (the natural house of the Sun). This applies to any other planet throughout this course, as it represents the concept of the Trinity in many religions because one is three and three is one.

The world you are living in is interconnected; every birth chart is unique yet it correlates with one another. You are just like a wave in the ocean. Each wave is unique, yet enlightenment comes when the wave realizes it is the ocean.

Note: You should take my course in order. All images, knowledge, and wisdom in this course are free to share.

The Sun

  • Role: Your “self”. This is the most powerful planet/luminary
  • Meaning: Your individuality, general character, basic motivation, focus, will, conscious actions, where you spend most of your energy on
  • Keywords: Ego, self, consciousness, life, light, fire, willpower, vitality
  • Body parts: Heart, head, stomach, joint, the right eye of a man, left eye of a woman

Inside you is a solar system, a replica of our solar system, which is another replica of a larger solar system, and this will keep continuing as our universe is unlimited.

In astrology, we do not count the Sun as a planet. The Sun is considered a luminary because it is a gaseous field of energy. The Sun represents your soul’s core essence, life purpose, inner motivations, and how you express your “self”. Your Sun sign gives clues to the qualities your soul needs to cultivate.

The symbol for the Sun is a circle and a dot. The circle represents universality; therefore it represents the spirit. When you see half a circle, that’s the symbol for the soul. The circle also represents the concept of infinity as there is no beginning and no ending in a circle.

When you see magicians draw a circle on the ground, they’re trying to invoke a spirit.

However, it’s important to note that the spirits magicians or witches try to conjure are low-level spirits. They gain their power not based on the true cultivation of their character but by magical means.

On a higher level, you will see magicians create buildings and structures to reflect the type of energy they want to create.

Each symbol, sigil, talisman, or spell is connected with a particular spirit.

For example, if you see the sigil of Lucifer in a music video, what they are trying to do is to conjure the power and presence of Lucifer. They are asking for your participation right at your home, where it is done through the subliminal messages you see in the video.

However, when you cultivate in the Great Way of Cultivation, you don’t need to worry about evil spirits affecting you. The energy you gain is based on your righteousness and moral conduct because they are your natural power. It would take you just a little finger to crush low-level spirits; you just have to return to who you truly are.

According to Bro. C. Freeman El, your Ascendant can be your sun sign in your previous life.

In most traditions, the dot in the middle of the Sun’s symbol is black because the origin of all matters is black. All colors come out of the energy of black. It is the vibrating force that produces 9 rays of energy. 0 is the glyph that represents the color black; red is the vibration of the number 1.

In some esoteric practices, you may see the red dot in a black circle, which represents the energy of 1 (the male principle) going inside 0 (the female principle or cosmic egg). You can see this symbolism in Eyes Wide Shut, where later in the movie they engage in sexual intercourse together.

These are what secret societies secretly do to raise the energy level. They believe that the woman’s body is a portal to another realm (only she can give birth and find unborn spirits), so in order to enter another dimension, they need to enter it through a woman. For them, heaven is found between the woman’s legs.

Yet the visions they see from other dimensions do not come from their inner eyes but from the low-level spirits that possess them.

The reason why they tend to do a group ritual is because the more energy you get from more people, the more powerful the ritual will be. Usually, they will focus their intent on a specific purpose, because your thoughts have electromagnetic fire.

This means your mind is your power: Your thoughts are real substances that physically exist in another dimension, and they can move things around the universe according to your Will.

With the power of the Sun, you can achieve anything you desire with focused willpower and self-determination. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. If you learn to direct your Will correctly and righteously, the abundance of the earth becomes yours.

The Sun rules the 5th house, the house of love, sex, creativity, and children. Sometimes, women have a special connection with the baby even before the child is born. She has a sacred bond with the spirits because only she can navigate unborn spirits from another realm.

Abortion is considered killing, however.

Making love is different from having sex; the latter will bring you closer to Eternal Hell because of your actions on this Temporary Planet. Sex should only happen between a husband and a wife because there are spiritual consequences of premarital sex. If you’re married, intimacy is fine as long as your mind is pure.

The energy of the Sun is considered masculine because it projects outward and stimulates the Earth, which is considered the Mother or Matter, to produce, create, and give birth. These are the two essential principles of all life: male and female, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. 

Everything in this world has a gender as indicated by the laws of the universe. You are both male and female in principle.

Symbolism of the Sun

In Class 1, we learned that the Bible or any other scripture is not necessarily a history, but an illustration of spiritual principles that govern our universe. Throughout this course, I will particularly use the Bible and sometimes the Quran, because these religions have the mark of the beast (666) coded in them.

Leo or the Sun in the Bible represents Judah, the lion of Judah, Solomon, David, Samson, and so on.

Solomon means SOL-OM-ON. Sol is the Sun in Latin, Om is Hindi Sanskrit for the Sun, and On means Sun in Egyptian. Hence, Solomon is the threefold Spiritual Sun, represented by the Holy Trinity.

In Greek mythology, the 12 labors of Heracles are simply the story of the sun going through the 12 signs of the zodiac to conquer the lower aspects of self. After overcoming each animal/trial, you will gain a certain quality or virtue added to your character, and you will bring these virtues and qualities with you even unto your next life.

This is the ultimate secret of secrets because nobody knows what he will take with him in his next life. You do not take your knowledge, money, or material wealth when you die. Do you see that you have to re-learn and re-do everything thing since the moment of your birth?

“Know”ledge is important for you to “know”, yet knowledge is NOT a power. You can read thousands of books and will forget again and again and have to re-learn, re-search, and re-educate yourself again and again. But your character and virtues are the most precious things on this planet because they are your assets in the Afterlife.

After all, the Seal of Solomon will never work unless the man is Solomon. You just have to discover who you truly are.


  • Date: July 23 – August 22
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Keyword: I Will
  • Planetary ruler: The Sun
  • House: 5th house – house of creativity, sex, children, fertility, hidden karma, entertainment, love
  • Positive personality traits: Ambitious, passionate, outgoing, brave, cheerful, fun-loving, enthusiastic, determined, generous
  • Negative personality traits: Prideful, stubborn, self-centered, dramatic, bombastic, egotistic
  • Organ: Heart, upper back, and spine

Leo in astrology is symbolized by the Lion, which is a symbol of majesty – the symbol for Kinghood and Queenhood. Leos can naturally sense their divinity. These people are born to become leaders as they feel they are destined to help society in Big ways.

If a Leo person loves you, they will make sure you love them back. Love is a power for Leo because love is truly a power. Love is what moves us, motivates us, and transforms us. It is what makes us different from animals because they only have cravings and desires. Love is what stops a husband from beating his wife, children from committing wrongful acts, and humans from mistreating each other.

The glyph (image symbol) of Leo looks like a semen with a hump, which is considered the seed of life in esoteric teachings. During mating seasons, a lion-lioness pair generally mates every 20–30 minutes, with up to 50 copulations per 24 hours. Leo people want to not only feel loved but also make love and create love. They need to feel like they are creating something, whether it is a baby, art, music, or food.

As a fire sign, Leo has a natural ability to understand truths through intuition, not facts. Truth is intuitive and often happens in a flash of a moment. Truth verifies the reality of that which we cannot see yet we are influenced by the effects of that invisibility.

Our human eyes can only see within a certain range. Outside of what’s called visible light, we cannot see wifi signals, radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, etc. yet they exist. Our eyes cannot see inner strength, inner courage, loyalty, commitment, and trust but they are inherently real.

How can you tell if a person is faithful and trustworthy to you? It turns out that these qualities materially exist in another dimension.

The first stage of initiation in most esoteric societies has their initiates blindfolded to represent just so: a man of ignorance, someone who can’t see the Truth – he is Divine but gets lost in this material realm of transient pleasure. He forgot the reason why he came down here, and he forgot the Earth is only a temporary stay for his spirit, and his true “home” is in the Heaven.

Your eyes are sealed because your body and natural power are sealed. It’s important to know that supernatural power is your natural power. You do not gain them and you do not lose them. You only need to activate or unseal them, and doing so requires you to cultivate spiritually to return to your original nature.

The Mystery of Leo in the Bible and Egypt

I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and on the back, sealed up with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and to break its seals?” And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look into it. 

Revelation 5:1-3

The scroll written inside symbolizes your body, and the 7 seals represent the 7 chakras in the Hindu system.

Image Source: Getty Images/Style Caster

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot open these seals just by meditation, chanting, sound bathing, praying, or using your mind. These are just techniques, and you will get a new physical body after each reincarnation, so all of your efforts can be for nothing! Do you realize that you have to relearn everything since you were a child?

I’m revealing to you the secrets of secrets here. Techniques only influence your glandular system but they never change who you are. Your physical techniques are physical, while your spiritual development is spiritual. You can’t develop something inner by looking for something outwardly.

If you’re an energy practitioner, you’ll likely look up to different teachers and study different texts to learn about energy practices. Unfortunately, all of your efforts can be for naught, because there is a principle in any authentic tradition that you must practice only one cultivation way – no second way of cultivation is allowed.

“Then I began to weep greatly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. And one of the elders said to me, “Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome so as to be able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Revelation 5: 4-5

The Lion is the symbol of Leo, so it represents Leo. The Root of David symbolizes Divine Love – your Christ/Buddha/Divine Nature.

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary – Charles Fillmore

Whenever you hear a name in the Bible, it represents the nature of something, just like your name indicates your own nature. As I said in Class 1, your signature or “sign|nature” is your sun sign. When God teaches Adam to name the animals, He teaches Adam to understand the nature (name) of each zodiac sign (animal).

The nature of David is Divine love. Only by overcoming challenges and developing his character can the Lion open the Seal. It is not done by physical techniques, but by spiritually developing your character and cultivating virtues. You do not gain higher energy by doing more; you gain by acquiring less and getting rid of your worldly attachments.

Indeed, even the Lion is a code, because the Bible is the book of wisdom, so one sentence can indicate multiple meanings.

In astrology, Leo rules the heart. In the back of your heart, there is a nerve center called ganglion which serves as the channel for love to move through your heart organ and open your heart chakra. Ganglion means gang-lion, which is the code for the tribe of Judah (or the gang of lions).

Leo governs the circulatory system – the blood that goes through your heart. If you allow your blood to rage in your body, it will tear you asunder like a lion’s teeth. This is where the word “temper” comes from: “losing temper” or “throwing temper tantrums”.

Most people die not from heart failure but from heart attack, because the blood will attack your heart, aorta, arteries, and ventricles first before attacking others. Before you intend to harm someone, it’s wise to dig two graves. Leo’s fury will destroy itself first in order to destroy its enemy.

Governing the heart, Leo (and people in general) should not eat sugary food because sugar can clog up the arteries – it can thicken your blood. Sugar can make the blood pasty and sluggish.

Leo has to be challenged with fear because their greatest asset is courage. And all strengths must first be challenged before a Leo can recognize them as a strength.

You might have heard about transcending the 4 elements or 5 elements in Chinese traditions. Overcoming your FEAR (Fire-Earth-Air-wateR) is what it means.

Samson is symbolized by Leo in the Bible because of his mighty strength but also tremendous ego. The Sun represents the “self”, so Leo is an egotistical personality. Yet, it is also the same ego that makes Leo stand out as the leader, captain, and king or queen of the zodiac.

The keyword for Leo is “I will” because whenever they “will” something, they “will” achieve it, no matter what. Leo is also the sign of dignity and royalty, so morality and integrity are important to them – they are less likely to do things that are unethical or illegal.

“Then Samson said to them, ‘Let me now propose a riddle for you; if you actually tell me the answer within the seven days of the feast, and solve it, then I will give you thirty linen wraps and thirty outfits of clothes.'”

Judges 14:12

The number 30 here represents a particular 30 degrees of your astrological chart. Each zodiac sign has 30 degrees, so 12 of them = 30 x 12 = a circle of 360 degrees. This mystery means that by solving the riddle of a particular zodiac sign, you will gain the power of that zodiac sign. The zodiac sign in this case is Leo because Samson represents Leo.

This is the same kind of riddle that comes from the Sphinx in the ancient lore of the Egyptians because the Sphinx (with the body of a Lion and the head of a human) is also the symbol of Leo:

“Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?” 

The Sphinx

A person solved the riddle by answering: “Man—who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then uses a walking stick in old age.” Therefore, man is the answer to all the riddles of all ages. Leo is ruled by the Sun so it represents your “self”.

In other words, the mystery of the Sphinx means a man is asking himself a question, and the answer to the question is the man, and it is only the man who can answer the question.

Whenever you read the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, mythologies, etc. they all talk about you, Your Own Universe, and how you can cultivate to become Divine. You are the utmost mystery of all mysteries and even a more mysterious riddle to yourself.

“then I will give you thirty linen wraps and thirty outfits of clothes.”

When you wrap linen, it’s the same idea as wrapping the mummy – you do not use toilet paper to wrap them, but you wrap them in Spirit. When you change your clothes, you’re changing your Spirit as your consciousness evolves.