Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology: You are the Son (Sun) of God – Class 1

The universe is governed by laws, that which do not change doesn’t matter if sciences change, faiths change, or beliefs change. Man cannot create laws. Man can only make rules and regulations and follow the laws of creation that are above him.

The fact that you were born at a particular time, date, and location means the universe recognizes why you are here, and that you have a destiny and a future ahead of you.

Astrology means there is no accident in your life. There is a time, season, and purpose to everything, according to the Will of Heaven. There is time to lose as well as there is time to win.

So, where are the secrets of astrology?

It lies in the Bible, the Quran, the clock you see every day, the calendar you use daily, the YouTube videos you watch, the back of the US $1 bill, etc.

In fact, people who rule this world are not politicians, businessmen, or priests, but they are occultists who understand the nature of things.

These secret societies exist under many names, such as Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, etc. but they all possess the same body of knowledge – the knowledge of astrology or the knowledge of Self, the knowledge of the Universe, and the knowledge of God.

Astrology is your power; it is the science that proves you’re born to win and that you have a destined path ahead of you.

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Mason = Ma-son = Mother-Son

Let’s start with the Mason or Ma-son or Mother-Son. You can see this archetype of Mother-Son in many cultures, such as Mary-Jesus, Nammu-An, Isis-Horus, Heru-Auset, etc.

The word “mother” (English) comes from the word “mater” in Latin, which represents the matter or the material that creates human beings. When God makes man out of clay, it means your Mother is the Matter or Material that God uses to create you.

The mother-son principle indicates the Creator of the Earth is a feminine force. We are not talking about an actual sex (male vs. female), but a feminine principle. This is why we say “Mother Earth” and not “Father Earth.” This is also why Hiram Abiff (or Mason) is called “a Widow’s son” because the widow has no husband. It means our mother Earth doesn’t need a husband to give birth to us.

The word “women” means “wo-men” or “womb-men” or “womb of men”, so no matter what beliefs or religions say, the Truth is men are born from women, and that Adam comes out from Eve (I will explain this later). This is natural, not artificial, which is the reason why we say “lady first” and not “men first”.

The word “mother” starts with the letter M. You can see the letter M representing the Mother has been repeated in many cultures because the laws of the universe are universal – we all live under the same law:

  • Mother (English)
  • Mater (Latin)
  • Mẹ (Vietnamese)
  • Madre (Spanish)
  • Mère (French)
  • Ma (Chinese)
  • Mutter (German)
  • Mãe (Portuguese)
  • Мать (Russian)
  • Mā̃ (Hindi)
  • Μητέρα or Mitéra (Greek)

Your mother, wife, or woman is the tree of life because without her, there will be no fruit on this planet. Women are divine because without them, there are no children of God.

If you want to see God, you have to treat your mother, wife, or woman right. If you mistreat any female on this planet, you will be met with divine retribution. It’s guaranteed that way! Women are divine as much as men are.

The 13th letter in our English alphabet is the letter M. When you see 13 bricks of the pyramid, 13 stripes, 13 arrows, or 13 leaves on the back of the US 1$ bill, they are talking about the Ma-son or Mother-child principle. I am offering the 33rd-degree teachings of Freemasonry right at your door.

You are the Son (Sun) of God

When Jesus was born on December 25th, it does not mean he was literally born on December 25th. The birth of Jesus has been repeated in many different cultures such as in the myths of Horus, Attis, Tammuz, etc. because they were all born on December 25th, out of a Virgin, crucified and resurrected after 3 days.

The Virgin Mary astrologically represents the constellation Virgo in the sky (Virgo in Latin means virgin). This constellation is also referred to as “the House of Bread”.

Similarly, Bethlehem in the Bible where Jesus was born also translates to “the House of Bread” – bêth means House and lehem means Bread. Bethlehem is thus a reference to the constellation Virgo, a place in the sky.

The gospel tells us that a bright star appeared in the eastern sky when Jesus was born. This star is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, which on December 24th, aligns with the 3 brightest stars in the Orion’s Belt.

In ancient times, these 3 bright stars were called the Three Kings, the Three Wise Men, or the Three Magi.

When the sun is approaching the winter solstice or “the southern gate of the zodiac”, it reaches its lowest point on December 22nd.

The sun was previously moving southward, but from this point, it stops moving for around 3 days (December 22nd, 23rd, 24th). During these 3 days, the sun resides in the Southern Cross (or the Crux constellation) where it lies dead. Then, on December 25th, the sun starts moving northward, forecasting prosperity, warmth, and the beginning of spring – the rebirth of the sun.

Most pyramids around the world are built to align with the Three Kings of Orion’s belt because they all point to the place of the sunrise on December 25th.

Image Source: Pinterest

This is the reason why Jesus was crucified on the cross and resurrected after 3 days. He symbolizes the sun, so our national Christmas holiday on December 25th is meant to celebrate the resurrection of the sun moving northward, forecasting the beginning of spring.

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12

Jesus is the light of the world because the sun is the only entity that can give light. Without the sun, there is no life, light, and truth. No one owns the sun on this planet, so the sun belongs to God, which explains why Jesus is called the Son (or Sun) of God.

From here, you may have realized that symbolism is the language that you have access to but cannot read; your eyes can look but cannot yet see. It is the language that feeds your higher mind and your soul “knows”. Symbology is the language of wisdom because multiple meanings can be derived from the same symbol.

On a physical level, the resurrection of Jesus represents the rebirth of the sun on December 25th because this is the truth – it doesn’t matter if someone believes in astrology or not, the sun still rises every day and this world is governed by higher astrological principles.

On a spiritual level, the cross behind Jesus is the cardinal cross in astrology, representing the 4 cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Jesus dies and is reborn in the sign of Capricorn because the Midheaven is where you enter this universe.

In other words, your soul comes into your physical body not through your arms, legs, or feet, but through the crown of your head – the apex of your birth chart.

The symbol of Freemasonry is a compass and a square. The compass is to make a circle and the square is to make a square, right angle, or cross. Combining this together, you will get your birth chart with 12 zodiac signs within it.

In circumscribe of a zodiac circle of 360 degrees, 3 + 6 = 9. Hence, the measurement of self is set to a standard of 9 – the vibration of spiritual completion. This is the reason why we use a system of 9 numbers.

In the process of coming to life in 9 months, you count from the Midheaven clockwise 9 signs, then you will have your Ascendant or Rising sign, represented by Aries, the first sign of the zodiac in a natural chart.

In the Bible, the word Hebrew is a coded anagram for “Her Web” when you switch the order of the words. Where is “Her Web”? The Internet you’re using now to read my article is “Her Web”, because World Wide Web = www = 666.

When you look at the back of the US $1 bill, you will also see “Her Web”, which is the symbolism of the 12 zodiac signs.

We are the 12 signs of the zodiac, who, in the process of spiritual transformation, become the 12 sons of Jacob, who will become the 12 sons of Israel, who later become the 12 disciples of Christ, who will then become the 12 apostles, and who eventually have the potential become divine.

In other words, the Bible is not about Jesus and his Glory; the Bible is about you and how you can cultivate to become a Divine Being. You are all the Son or Sun of God in astrological terms. There is no Daughter of God because women are Mothers of God.

John 10: 34-36 is the premise that indicates your potential for godhood.

“Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken.”

The unbroken scripture that Jesus is referring to is Psalm 82: 5-6.

“They know not, neither do they understand; They walk to and fro in darkness: All the foundations of the earth are shaken. I said, You are gods.”

Religions believe only the Devil claims himself to be a God, but their God is coded 666. It is written in their scriptures that people are divine, yet they still walk to and fro in darkness.

Prayer does not happen when you wake up in the morning, kneel down, and say out loud you love God. Prayer happens from the moment you stand up and start doing things to benefit others, to help society, and to improve yourself.

The Symbolism of Adam and Eve: The Astrology and Numerology Code

It’s important to understand that Adam and Eve are not only people but also principles that govern our universe. In spiritual practices, we have an art called “numerology”, which associates each letter with a specific number. For example, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 while J = 10 = 1+0 = 1.

Adam in terms of numerology is ADM = 1+4+4 = 9, which represents the completion of all things. Eve is an anagram for “VEE” (or V) if you switch the order of the words, whose numerological value is 22 = 2+2 = 4. The letter M also has its root number 4 (1+3=4), so you can see the correlation with Eve.

In numerology, 22 is the Master Builder representing the mother of all living things. Because we’re talking about principle, “the mother of all living things” indicates Eve is also the mother of land, horses, dogs, trees, rivers, humans, etc.

In other words, Eve does not come out of Adam, because she is the Mother of Adam. The first man on this planet is a wo-man or the womb of man.

Adam is a coded word for Atom. When God puts a deep sleep upon Adam, it means God slows down the atom so the matter becomes denser in this physical plane. As the atoms slow down and become denser, they become solid and visible. As the atoms vibrate faster and higher, they become air and invisible to our eyes.

Image Source: Edcraft

Yet the air you breathe in is as materially real as your physical phone, house, car, and possessions; your eyes just can’t see it. So when God puts Adam (or Atom) into a deep sleep, you drop from a higher spiritual plane down to a lower, denser material plane, going from a being of light (where you are a Divine Being in Heaven) to a being of matter (where you are a human on this Earth).

The word “repent” means “to turn around” or “to go back up”. It is also an anagram for the word “serpent”.

When Moses lifts up the serpent in the desert, he lifts up the Kundalini serpent from the base of your spine to the top of your head (Numbers 21:6-9). When the Queen of the South shall rise up and “condemn this generation”, she raises the Kundalini serpent from the south gate (your spine) to the north gate (the crown of your head) and “re-generate” (condemn-generation) your whole body (Matthew 12:42).

The serpent is different from the snake because the serpent represents wisdom. There are 33 vertebrae in your spinal column, and when your energy reaches the 33rd, you will have a Divine Mind and can manifest whatever you desire.

There are also 33 realms of the universe. If your spiritual development is beyond the 33rd realm, you will finally return “home”. This is the utmost secret meaning behind the 33 years of Jesus, 33 years of David’s dominion in Jerusalem, and 33 degrees of Freemasonry because it represents the completion of your spiritual journey – you have become a Divine Being.

When God takes the rib out of Adam, he takes out the “rib” of the letter A and reverses it to make the letter V. When you join them together, you will have the symbol of Freemasonry, which represents the union of the masculine and feminine.

Pythagoras once said “God is a number” because numbers are not merely numbers, but they are principles that govern our universe. The principle of masculine is 1 and feminine is 2.

In esoteric teachings, Alpha is also 1 while Belta is 2. Joining them together, you will have Alpha-Beta or the Alphabet – the yin and the yang.

Thus, language, whether it is English, Latin, Hebrew, or Chinese, does not only represent the means of communication but also contains the secret code of your nature, of the universe, and of God.

The Power of Divine Feminity

Women are Creators of this planet because only from them comes the Son (Sun) of God. If you mistreat a woman, you will have to pay a hefty price for it. You will be met with divine retribution if you do so. The highest symbol of love is the mother or the woman because she is the beginning of things, for without her, no man can be born.

In esoteric teachings, the female body is a portal between the spiritual and physical realms. Only she can give birth, so she is the only being powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits in another dimension into our world. To enter another dimension, you have to go through her, which I already talked about in my article “The 33rd-Degree Teachings of Freemasonry“.

If you are a man, you need to know that when a woman decides to marry you, she has trusted you with all of her life. If you are a woman, you need to know that your womb is a sacred place reserved only for your husband. You have to do nothing to fight for your womanly rights; you just need to know the divine nature of your femininity.

In a world where casual sex and sexual promiscuity are prevalent, purity and chastity are a virtue. These are qualities you should be proud of because they make you different, pure, and divine. There are spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage because human beings have to pay the price for what they do. This is the immutable law of the universe.

The purpose of my Esoteric Astrology course is to let you know the Truth about our existence and guide you to the assured Way to go back “home”, bestowed by my Teacher.

The Way is not astrology, however. It has no form. The Way is neither a religion nor a science, yet it will be beneficial if you gain some foundational knowledge first before gaining the Way.

The Great Way of Cultivation to High Level is included in a book that I’ll share with you at the end of this course. It will be provided for you for free because money is not the thing we take with us when we leave this life. While the book is free, you can only gain the Way through your righteousness, integrity, and moral conduct.

Esoteric Astrology

Astrology comes from the Latin words “Astro” and “Logos”. “Astro” means star and “Logos” means logic, so astrology means the logic and reasoning of the stars. We’re studying the metaphysical science of astrology, not the mundane science of astronomy.

Astrology works based on the principle of correspondence: “As above, so below; as within, so without”. Our human bodies are a microcosm of the universe, and the universe is a macrocosm of our human bodies. In other words, you are the universe and the universe is you. The word Y.O.U means Your Own Universe. All animals, trees, oceans, mountains, and cities are within you.

The law of correspondence demonstrates what affects the Heaven will affect the Earth, and what affects the Earth may affect the Heaven. That is, the Higher plane controls the Lower plane, not vice versa.

Astrology does not force but influence you to do something. The less conscious you are, the more you are moved by forces (planets) beyond your consciousness. The more conscious you are, the less you are influenced by others because you are divinely self-guided.

Divinity is not only in the Heaven, but it is also down here and it’s within yourself. It is the intent of the Creator for you to obtain godhood. Every soul must aspire to that height, either in this lifetime or in the next one. If you don’t get it done now, you will have to come right back here where you leave off to finish what you have started.

Astrology has 12 zodiac signs, 12 blueprints of human nature, 12 basic characters of humans on Earth, or 12 different ways to “know thyself”. It is a spiritual science that verifies you were born to win. There are 12 signs of nature because your sun sign is your signature or your sign|nature.

When God teaches Adam to name the animals, He teaches him to understand the nature of each zodiac sign. As you know, most zodiac signs’ symbols are animals because the lower aspects of them represent your animal nature. There are only 12 types of people on this planet, and then they multiply again.

“Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel. From the tribe of Judah 12,000 were sealed, from the tribe of Reuben 12,000, from the tribe of Gad 12,000, from the tribe of Asher 12,000, from the tribe of Naphtali 12,000, from the tribe of Manasseh 12,000, from the tribe of Simeon 12,000, from the tribe of Levi 12,000, from the tribe of Issachar 12,000, from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000, from the tribe of Joseph 12,000, from the tribe of Benjamin 12,000.”

Revelation 7:3-8

If you’re new to astrology and find the knowledge hard to understand, I’d recommend you to start with a basic book on astrology. The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk is a good one to start.

If you’re interested in numerology, I would suggest Secret Science Of Numerology by Shirley Lawrence. This book will tell you that your name is your nature, character, and destiny. Learning from Bro. C. Freeman El is the best because he will clearly show the purpose of your life and the spiritual principles of this universe.

I do not just suggest these books randomly because I believe they are beneficial for your spiritual development. Know|ledge exists because it is supposed to help you “know” about yourself, about the Universe, and about God. Most of us come out of university with high degrees but still don’t “know” anything about ourselves.

What you learn in school is information because they are not knowledge. You come in and come out learning nothing as you still don’t “know” about who you are and what natural abilities are available at your hand.

We’ve lived lifetimes after lifetimes and still do not recognize that we are born in this world with nothing and will leave this world with nothing. However, there are things we do take with us when we leave this planet. I will reveal to you step by step.

Religions say astrology is evil, yet the secrets of astrology lie in their scripture(s). Hence, we should follow the Truth, not what people say or believe in, for only the Truth will set you free.