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Spiritual Power of Divine Femininity: Woman is a God

You would never want to be a man after reading this article. I have said that women are divine. You are the tree of life who can bring the fruit to this earth. Only you have the power to do so. You are a God because without you, there are no children of God. Every human being comes from women because women are wo-men or the womb of men. Without this womb, no man can be born!

The true power of feminity is that you don’t even need to fight for your rights because you deserve it. You can tell a man what to do with just one look in your eyes. You can tame a ferocious lion with the compassion of your heart and the kindness of your soul. No one wouldn’t dare to touch you because you are the Mother of God.

The power of true feminity is clearly demonstrated in the Strength tarot card because strength does not come from force, but from gentleness. Strength does not need willpower, but it needs compassion. Jesus once said this earth belongs to the meek (not the strong), for it is they who will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

If you are truly a feminine woman, men will naturally support and protect you – it’s in their nature to do so. You just have to do nothing, because men will be met with divine retribution if they mistreat a woman. If you follow my free Esoteric Astrology course, you will understand why.

However, as our society is declining in its morality, people are preaching to women how to become men by fighting in the “feminist movement”. I can assure you that this is against the law of nature, because now, men are becoming women and women are becoming men.

Equality vs. Sameness

Equality means that each gender fulfills its roles based on its natural strengths and capabilities. For example, women are naturally feminine, soft, and nurturing while men are naturally masculine, strong, and assertive.

Therefore, women should do women-related jobs while men should do men-related jobs; there should be no competition regarding this as the two genders respect each other’s natural abilities. When you are a normal woman, you can rest assured that a true man will naturally respect you. Men wouldn’t dare to beat you as you’re feminine; they even nurture, caress, and love you more.

In the eyes of men, no one is better than a womanly, soft, supportive, and gentle woman, which is a natural woman. And if you’re a woman, deep down your heart you know that you want your man to be strong, brave, and confident, which is a natural man.

This is the law of nature because no one needs to tell you how to become a man or become a woman. You innately understand your role and fulfill it. Only the devils are cast down from Heaven due to their arrogance and tendency to go against the laws of nature that govern our universe. Eve did not come out of Adam, because Eve is the Mother of All Living Things, including Adam.

On the other hand, sameness means “I must be strong like men” or “I must be soft like women”. If men are competitive and assertive, I must be competitive and assertive as much as him. If he is the breadwinner, I must go out to make money like him so he can take care of the kids.

I can assure you that men are not good at taking care of children like women do. If you leave the kids for him, it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

These are just general examples, but what I’m referring to here is the “I must be like men” kind of thinking. In this case, you’re forcing men to become women and women to become men. You’re forcing a fish to walk on the earth while teaching a goat how to live in the ocean.

The Spirit of Beauty

I can assure you that women are protected by the spirit of beauty, because beauty is a spirit; it is a substance that materially exists in another dimension once you have the ability to see it.

Beauty is as real as your inner strength, inner courage, and inner commitment. How can you say a person is faithful and loyal? It turns out that these qualities physically exist in another dimension; it’s just that your eyes do not yet see.

This is why women have sought out beauty throughout the ages. They seek it like a lion pursuing its prey. Beauty is what prevents a husband from beating his wife, a mother from yelling at her children, and lovers from abusing each other.

If you are a normal woman, you naturally gain the spirit of beauty because this energy expresses itself inside out. It’s guaranteed that way because beauty manifests from the qualities of compassion, kindness, and faithfulness because these are natural qualities of a woman.

No one can harm the spirit of beauty because they have nothing to harm it with. Yet no man would like a disloyal, deceitful, and promiscuous lady because these go against the natural qualities of beauty. A chaste, loyal, and faithful wife is highly prized among men, and I believe you innately know that.

No one should teach you how to become a woman, because you are a woman. True men will never beat their wives even if she is submissive, because they even respect and love women more for being supportive and compliant. The more soft and gentle you are, the more putty men will be in your hands.

Being a true woman, you attract rather than chase after what you want. You tell people what to do through your gentleness and diplomacy instead of aggressively fighting for your rights. Men will naturally respect, honor, and praise you if you are a true woman.

Have you ever heard a man saying he got into jail for something he didn’t do? Yes, he went to jail because of something he didn’t do, but that he was supposed to do. He didn’t treat his lady properly. He didn’t keep his promises to her. He didn’t sweep the floor. He didn’t fulfill his obligations to her. He didn’t have the right attitude toward her. And so on.

Your spirit of beauty will naturally guide your man to do what he is supposed to do. You just need to relax and chill while letting your man carry all the hard work for you; for it is their nature to be so. When you’re feminine, reserved, and a bit passive, men would do anything to win your affection. They will go after you like bees going after honey. They will be as loyal to you as a dog with a bone when you’re womanly.

You don’t need to be stressful; you just need to be supportive of your man, so he will take care of all the world’s troubles for you. You just have to do nothing, because a true man will always be protective and supportive of his woman. The more gentle you are, the more caring he is to you because you are the Mother of his children – the tree of life.

The key is to have faith in your inner beauty and express your womanly qualities. A smile of kindness is always a smile of kindness doesn’t matter if it’s on a black woman’s face, a rich woman’s face, or an old woman’s face.

Inner beauty knows no color, religion, or wealth and true men value inner beauty more than most. You may never need to do cosmetic surgery or put a lot of makeup on your face because beauty is a spirit; it comes from your inner compassion, empathy, care, faithfulness, and thoughtfulness.

If you put too much focus on your superficial physical appearance, you may just attract the same kind of superficial men and meaningless comments, again and again. True men will not chase women who have open body parts, but they will pursue those who have open hearts.

Of course, you should still need to take care of your physical appearance, but what I mean here is that you already know how to be beautiful inside out. And this is your power.

The Quality of Chastity

All men like chaste women. If they do not like chaste women, they are not men. In a world full of immorality and sexual promiscuity, chastity is a virtue that every woman must have. It is what makes you different, beautiful, and pure.

Why is chastity so important? Because you are a Divine Being, as I already explained in my free Esoteric Astrology course. There is a sacredness in your vagina because you carry the whole world in your womb.

The woman’s symbol is Venus or the ankh, which you can see in front of the female washroom. Most major buildings in this world are built to honor the chastity, compassion, and love of the higher feminine power that created us all, which is your natural power.

Purity, gentleness, and love are your natural power as a woman. You shouldn’t want to contaminate the purity of yours.

It turns out that when you have a sexual relationship with a man, you can be attached to that person for life(s). You may not be able to see your attachment with your physical eyes, but in another dimension, there is a psychic cord that connects your body with your partner’s body.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Mark 10: 7-10

This is the cord that is meant to enhance the “telepathic communication” between a husband and a wife, so it explains why sometimes you just understand each other’s thoughts even without thinking. This cord is a blessing because you’re inside your husband and your husband is inside you. It is supposed to strengthen the connection between you and your spouse in your marital bond.

This cord can last at least 12 years since your last sexual encounter, but this is just a one-night stand level. The more frequently you do, the stronger it gets. This cord connects your Muladhara (Root) chakra together in your subtle bodies to enhance the sacred relationship you have with one another.

Hence, the spiritual consequences of having sex before marriage are immense. Sex is a spiritual union, and if you choose the wrong partner, the karmic debts resulting from this union can last more than a lifetime.

But how come Hollywood and the music industry are full of sex, lust, and promiscuity?

I’ve clearly explained this issue in my article “Subliminal Messages in Music Videos“, so you should check it out if you don’t want to lose your man by an “accidental force”. Not everything is your fault, because you’re also affected by an invisible influence, so if you don’t get rid of it, it will destroy your relationship.