Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology: Neptune and Pisces – Class 10

The head of Aries touching the feet of Pisces is a full circle of 360 degrees, representing the perfect human being. The Neptunian and Piscean mind is naturally drawn to symbolism, secrets, spirituality, and things behind the scenes.

In the same symbol that one person can look while the other can see. Astrology speaks the language of symbolism because symbolism is the wisdom of the universe.

Pythagoras once said “God is a number”, because numbers are not numbers, but energy, vibration, and frequency. Even the word “number” doesn’t mean to count; the word “number” comes from the word “numeros” in Latin, which means “metric”, “measurement”, and “harmony”.

As I said in Class 1, there is an art called “numerology”, which associates each word with a specific number. For example, the word Egypt in numerology is 5 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 2 = #4 7. When you put four 7 together, you will get the symbol of the swastika 卍, which means “He who came from nothing”. It symbolizes a microcosm of the universe.

Rain on Me – Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

It’s important to know that the swastika does not belong to Hitler. Symbols belong to nature. The devils can’t create their symbols, but they take the symbols of nature and misuse them.

Spiritually, the swastika 卍 is a symbol from another world. It indicates the level of your divine attainment; only beings who have achieved the divine status of a Buddha/Christ have it.

Why do the devils use it? Because they want to take what was once associated with love to become associated with sex. They want to take what was once associated with enlightenment to become associated with lust and ignorance. They want to reverse the order of our nature, so men become women and women become men. That’s their plan.

In Masonic teachings, the perfect angle of things is 90 degrees or the right angle (the symbol of 7). Their slogan is “We meet upon the level, we part upon the square”. Thus, the typical Masonic standing has 90 degrees, which represents the perfection of things. You can see this standing in images of George Washington, who was the 1st president of the US.

Indeed, nothing in this world happens by accident. All US presidents were, are, and will be Masons. Even the ones who were sacrificed knew that they were sacrificed. Nothing in this world happens by chance.

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  • Role: The Planet of Dream
  • Meaning: Your dream, fantasy, inspiration, projection, spirituality, intuitive mind, illusion, deception, hidden psychic power
  • Keywords: Arts, empathy, compassion, confusion, vagueness, universal truths, ideals, intuition, divinity, creativity

In astrology, Neptune is a spiritual planet that makes us spiritually curious. It will carry us safely to the psychic realms so that we can experience the Unseen. The energy of Neptune gives us insight into these invisible realms, and our sense of spirituality is enhanced by the activation of Neptune.

All of us have psychic abilities, which are our natural abilities. Do you know them? Do you trust them? Are you using them?

Particularly when you ask your higher spirit for something so that your spirit will show you, but then you ignore its guidance, your psychic power will get closed down.

Neptune gives you vision and dreams. Neptune allows you to enter into realms where you can walk and talk on the astral plane and meet spiritual beings on those planes. Neptune is responsible for carrying you up to the astral school at night where most of us go and can’t remember when we come back down.

If you notice you suddenly realize today you have some answers to yesterday’s questions, then you know you have been somewhere in your dreams. We all go somewhere while asleep, but it depends on your level of awareness. Some may even go to hell at night, such as homeless people on the street.

The Angels

Why do people end up homeless on the street? It’s because they don’t have the ministering spirit (or the angels) on their right. They are targets for anybody on the astral and lower plane. These people have no guidance because they don’t listen to what their higher spirits tell them.

In this universe, there are good angels and not-so-good angels. Not-so-good angels are often called angels of death. They do not hate or love you; they just fulfill their mission, which is to cut the cord of your life.

It’s interesting to note that when a man gets stabbed in the bar, the first thing he would try to do is to make it to the front door. This is because his angels are outside, the ones who have been assigned to him since the time of his birth, so his soul will first try to get out.

His guardian angels do not enter the bar because the energy there is too low, violent, and dirty. These are called the “dark places” because most bars have low light so you can think dirty.

However, there is a kind of angel who can go to bars, which is the angel of death. All this angel has to do is to cut your cord and you’re done. Hence, when something deadly happens inside the bar, the first thing the man tries to do is to go outside so his guardian angels will intervene and stop the angel of death.

The Inspiration

Neptune represents high inspiration in astrology. It lets you into your vision of the future. It lets you believe what you see. This planet will inspire you to get up and go do what you see.

It depends on how much imaging you are able to hold and develop in your mind that will determine how prosperous you can be and keep. If you can keep your wealth in your imagination or image-nation, you can keep it in your pocket. If you do not have faith and work toward what you have not yet seen, you may never achieve your dreams.

This is how the mind works through the body – you must believe in the unseen so it will be manifested into the seen. You must believe in your divine nature in order to see your divine nature. Faith is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and the confidence in things you want to manifest.

As with any astrological influence, Neptune’s energy also has a shadow side that must be acknowledged and addressed. One of the most significant challenges for those with strong Neptune placements is the tendency towards self-deception and illusion.

This can manifest in many ways, from denying the reality of difficult situations to idealizing relationships or people to an unhealthy degree. Neptunian individuals often struggle with discernment, finding it challenging to see situations or people clearly for what they are.

They’re often the ones who say “I want Heaven to be on Earth so I can live here forever” or “I just want good things to happen in my life”. Well, the laws of karma and virtues will give them what they deserve, because the laws of the universe exist not because we believe in them. If life on this earth is full of blessings and happiness, then you would never want to cultivate to go back to Heaven.

Neptunians are often people who blame life for their own mistakes. They have a victim mindset and just want to dream of illogical outcomes, yet they’re stubbornly attached to their dreams.

Another pitfall of Neptune’s influence is the risk of escapism and addiction. The desire to transcend the mundane reality of everyday life can often lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, sexual fantasy, laziness, or other self-destructive behaviors. (I will explain this in detail later).

Neptunian individuals need to be particularly mindful of their tendency to seek out altered states of consciousness, because there are spiritual consequences of drug abuse.


  • Date: February 19 – March 20
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Symbol: The Fish
  • Keyword: I Believe
  • Planetary ruler: Neptune
  • House: 12th house – house of karma, dreams, intuition, solitude, addiction, self-undoing behaviors
  • Positive personality traits: Compassionate, imaginative, intuitive, creative, empathetic, sensitive, romantic, spiritual, selfless
  • Negative personality traits: Escapist, overly sensitive, indecisive, gullible, moody, self-destructive
  • Organ: Feet and Lymphatic System

In astrology, Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. They are the signs of secrets, so they are naturally drawn to secrets. Pisceans can keep secrets for 100 years.

The glyph of Pisces represents the bridge between two worlds: physical and astral or material and spiritual. Pisces people can enter other realms just by sleeping.

Hence, Pisces often loves dreaming and fantasizing even when they are awake. They are often described as imaginative, creative, and artistic. They have a strong connection to their inner world so they tend to stay private, reserved, yet observant.

One of the most striking characteristics of Pisces is their compassion and empathy. They have a deep understanding of human nature and are often drawn to helping others in need. Pisces individuals are known for their selflessness and willingness to put others’ needs before their own, which is the best way for them to gain virtues and blessings.

The Esoteric Teachings of Pisces

The Age of Pisces corresponds to the era when Jesus spread his teachings. As I said in my previous class, the timeline of the Bible represents the transition from the Age of Taurus (the Bull) to Aries (the Ram) and to Pisces (the Fish).

Jesus is derived from the Greek word for fish (ΙΧΘΥΣ or ichthys). Fish also symbolically represents “esoteric knowledge” in the Bible. When you dream you catch a fish, it symbolizes the activation of divine consciousness from within you. You might gain knowledge that no one else has access to.

The disciples of Jesus were regarded as fishermen because they learned the secret teachings from Jesus. You can also see the symbol of the fish in the Pope’s Mitre, which looks exactly like a fish head because it represents the spiritual power coming from the divine.

However, the concept of “divine” according to these people smells fishy. I have said that gods in religions are 666, and these people perform magical rituals to conjure other spirits to possess them. They think they have the power to see other dimensions, yet these power come from the spirits attached to their bodies.

The most popular one is the serpent, which is why you often see a snake attached to the third eye of pharaoh, which is NOT pharaoh’s third eye. We’ve already discussed about this.

In the universe, there is a principle of “no loss, no gain“. In order to gain the knowledge of other dimensions by evil possession, these people have to lose the essence of their souls. Some have already sold their souls to the devil, so if you follow their path, that path only leads to hell.

They understand a few universal laws and hide them from you, yet the level of spiritual enlightenment of these people is quite low.

In astrology, Pisces rules your feet. The power of Pisces is the power of understanding because feet = under-stand. Whatever is in your brain is under your feet. Your feet are the microcosm of your human body, which is also the microcosm of the whole universe.

This is the reason why astrology, palm reading, face reading, or all other mystical practices work based on the law of correspondence: “As above, so below; as within, so without”.

Whatever is outside in nature is inside your human body. God, animals, the galaxy, the Milky Way, rivers, mountains, rocks, etc. are all within you.

The Truth about Addiction and Drug Abuse

When we talk about Neptune and Pisces, we must deal with a specific problem, which is addiction – drugs, marijuana, video games, sex, fast food, shopping, etc. In astrology, Neptunian and Piscean are most prone to addictive substances, and there are karmic consequences for doing so.

In Arabic, the word “alcohol” comes from the term “al-kuhl”, which means “body-eating spirit”, and this word also has its correlation with the English word “Ghoul”, which means “an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.”

According to Wiki, the word “marihuana” or “mariguana” can be traced back to the Nahuatl word “mallihuan”, meaning “prisoner”.

All of these definitions mean one thing: When you drink alcohol or smoke weed, you become another spirit’s “prisoner”, because your body is under their control. The trade-off for the “high” and “happiness” you get is the essence of your soul, only if you know!

This is why Hollywood people and celebrity usually perform their rituals or sexual magic when they are drunk and high. These substances contaminate their bodies, so other low-level spirits can take advantage of this and possess their bodies. They call it “a trance state to induce the presence of God”. But their gods are all low-level spirits and evils!

The Evils conjured by Fraternitas Saturni

In the medical sciences, it’s believed that addiction occurs when the part of the nervous system associated with addictive behaviors is stimulated and develops to a sufficient degree. But my Teacher said that’s not it.

Over time, that addictive substance accumulates and forms inside of your body an identical version of you that comes to control you in another dimension. Because this form is composed of strong attachment and has your appearance, it has an equally strong desire to control you; it was formed out of strong desires, after all.

Some people say that recreational drug use is no big deal and that it seems harmless. And sure, people feel pretty good when they try it. What if they do it again? There’s no apparent problem. How about one more time? Then their self-control starts to erode.

One hit is all it takes to form the identical version of you since it’s highly poisonous. As you know, your body is a thin body of light, and with the second hit, that version of you that was thin and light grows a bit denser. And it will continue to get denser with each subsequent hit, growing stronger and sturdier.

Over time, your addictive habits will have the full structure of your body as well as thinking, and be an entirely drug-induced and demonic version of you. Of course, it may not do anything other than crave drugs. It can’t bear to be without them.

So what happens if you start to quit smoking and drinking then? As you might imagine, your body will become progressively lighter if you stop using drugs, as a result of your body’s natural metabolic processes, until eventually the identical version of you dies. But since it doesn’t wish to die, it will compel you to take drugs again in order to strengthen it.

In other words, if you want to quit, that thing won’t want you to since it would die. And so it will do all in its power to make you engage in those things. And if you try not to, it will interfere with your work or studies by causing your mind to crave them. If you refuse, it might even make you do those things in your dreams.