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Spiritual Consequences of Abusing Drugs, Marijuana, and Alcohol

No one on this planet should understand more clearly than drug users, weed smokers, and alcoholics the consequences of our actions.

In Arabic, the word “alcohol” comes from the term “al-kuhl”, which means “body-eating spirit”, and this word also has its correlation with the English word “Ghoul”, which means “an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.”

Scientific American said that the word “alcohol” comes from “al-ghawl”. This is the most straightforward way to connect alcohol and spirits, as the word “al-ghawl” means spirit. It’s referenced in the Qur’an: verse 37:47 mentions “al-ghawl” to refer to a demon or spirit that produces intoxication.

According to Wiki, the word “marihuana” or “mariguana” can be traced back to the Nahuatl word “mallihuan”, meaning “prisoner”.

You read that right: When you drink alcohol or smoke too much marijuana, you become another spirit’s “prisoner”, because your body is under their control.

If you are an experienced user, you will come to realize that you are not you when you are intoxicated. In that state of mind, you have different feelings, different thoughts, and different emotions, which are not yours.

What Happens Spiritually When You Drink or Smoke?

My Teacher said when you take an addictive substance, it forms an identical copy of you inside your body in another dimension. This copy is made of strong desires and looks just like you, so it has an equally strong desire to control you since it was created from your own strong urges.

Some people say trying drugs occasionally isn’t a big deal and seems harmless. But what happens if they do it again? There’s no obvious problem. How about one more time? Then their self-control starts to decrease.

Just one hit is all it takes to create the addictive version of you, as it’s highly poisonous. Your body is originally made of light, and each hit makes this light weaker and darker, as your addictive copy grows denser and stronger.

If the drug habits continue, the other version of you will be as strong as your real body. It will become an entirely drug-induced and demonic version of you, yet it only craves drugs and can’t stand to be without them.

So what happens if you try to quit smoking and drinking? Your body will become lighter as you stop using drugs, due to your body’s metabolism, until eventually the identical version of you dies. But since it doesn’t want to die, it will push you to keep using addictive substances to maintain its existence.

This demonic copy of you will make you crave drugs, alcohol, or marijuana and mess with your work or studies until you give in again. If you resist, it may even make you use these substances in your dreams. This is the domain ruled by Neptune and Pisces in astrology.

The Karmic Consequences of Abusing Drugs, Alcohol, and Marijuana

The law of the universe indicates “everything comes with a cost”. The “high” that you get from drugs and alcohol is not for free. It is an exchange for your virtue and the essence of your soul. Yes, in a sense, you’ve traded an essence of your soul, or sold your soul for the devil, for the sake of temporary high you get from weed and alcohol.

In another dimension, karma is a black substance (caused by wrongful deeds) while virtue is a white substance (gained by good deeds) attached to your body. This is called the law of virtue and karma, and this is what our science nowadays calls “aura” or the energetic field surrounding your body. Your energy is neither created nor destroyed, they are either transformed or transferred.

When you smoke or drink, you are basically transforming your virtues into karma. You’re exchanging the good things (blessings) you have for the “high” that you get. When you run out of virtues, you will not have any blessings left in your life, so you must suffer.

Therefore, you might have to face bad luck in romantic/business relationships, have unexplainable health problems, have premature ejaculation, lose money accidentally, experience negative and unfair situations, etc.

All these things happen for a reason. The law of virtue and karma does not change while beliefs change, sciences change, and faiths change.

Evil Possession

One of the most obvious karmic consequences of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana is that you invite other evil spirits to take control of your body. They increase your karma (wrongdoings) and decrease your virtues (blessings). These are not the demonic versions of you we talked about, but other real low-level spirits in another dimension.

When there is too much karma in your aura, it makes you believe less in the good things, have less faith, and see good as evil and evil as good.

These demonic spirits have their own intelligence, and they literally occupy a particular part of your body, causing health problems in that area. You can do all kinds of medical examinations but your doctor may conclude there is no problem, because the real problem is rooted in a spiritual world.

According to Jason Christoff, alcohol is used to extract the spirit or soul of things in alchemy. He thought alcohol could extract the essence of plants to make essential oils.

Hence, drinking alcohol could extract a person’s soul from their body. This makes the body more susceptible to influences from other spirits around it, which inherently have lower vibrations and energies.

That’s why when people drink a lot, they sometimes don’t remember what happened. Their higher souls were thought to leave the body because the conditions arising from drinking were too traumatic, polluted, and poisonous.

Of course, there are many “selves” in your body. Some higher selves leave, while some stay to make sure you act properly and within a limit. And if they all decide that your body is too polluted, they might altogether leave your body, causing you to experience a phenomenon called “blackout” or “loss of consciousness”.

Now, you should probably realize that your body is just like a vehicle. It needs a spirit, soul, or driver in order to function well.

When you get drunk or stoned, your ethical and conscious self will leave the body, and the other evil spirits will take this opportunity to own “your vehicle”, so they will drive you insane, which is usually in a hedonistic, erotic, fun-seeking, illogical, and self-centered way.

There are 5 precepts of Buddism, which includes:

  1. Do not kill or harm living beings.
  2. Do not steal or take what is not given.
  3. Avoid sexual misconduct.
  4. Do not lie or spread falsehoods.
  5. Do not consume intoxicants like alcohol or drugs.

Particularly when you violate the 5th precept – using drugs and drinking alcohol, you are more likely to violate the other four. A wise man once said: “To a drunken man, any sin looks good”.

The Hangover (Most Important)

Now, when you are awake and have a hangover, the evil spirits have successfully occupied a certain part of your body, so they will do any kind of evil things to influence your thoughts/emotions, cause mishaps, and create all kinds of damage so that you will always have to come back to alcohol/marijuana.

You believe that your thoughts are yours, but they are not. In truth, what these demons do is they create a certain “trap” in your thoughts and emotions so that you will always want to come back for more (their reasons are very appealing); thereby, they have more opportunities to extract as much essence of your soul as possible.

When you don’t have enough essence of your soul left in the body, you will become ill, weakened, and at worst, vegetable! You will head toward the path of destruction because that is the only way to go.

When you hear someone or something “convinces” you in your head, they’re not your thoughts. Sometimes, these demons may even use the voices of your loved ones (such as your mom or spouse) to trap you. Remember, the “high” that you get does not come for free. You basically exchange all of your good luck and virtues, whether they are blessings of your relationships, career, marriage, children, etc. to get that “high”.

All they want is your “soul”, and they will do anything to deceive you to get it. Have you recently heard a lot of artists, singers, and musicians saying that they “sell their soul to the devil”? You can bet they smoke a lot of weed and drink alcohol!

Listen to this song: Side to Side – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj where she sings “‘Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil. And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble.” Look at her lifestyle and her relationship/marriage. It’s guaranteed that it will be destructive and evil because the law of the universe does not miss anyone who violates it!

You may think that the kind of fame and wealth they have are good, but in reality, they are full of sexual content, unethical conduct, and lustful behaviors. How come these are good? These people are possessed by demons that manipulate their souls, and they make money based on your attachments.

I’ve said that subliminal messages in music videos nowadays are made specifically for men to mastubate, so you need to pay attention to what you accept and observe in society. Women must know about this too if you don’t want to lose your man unexpectedly.

“Smoking kills” and “drinking destroys”. We all know that the act of intoxication destroys our brain cells, kills our grey matter, damages our blood flow, reduces our red blood cells, causes sexual dysfunction, etc.

We are also aware that smoking and drinking can lead to a higher risk of cancer, impaired brain function, infertility, memory loss, weakened immune system, and so much more.

As you continue to act upon the thoughts suggested to you, it will create a habit, and when this habit is done repeatedly, it will affect the core of who you are.

A thought leads to an action; an action that is repeatedly done leads to a habit; and a habit that happens for a while leads to the foundation of your sense of self-identity, which will eventually affect your destiny.

This is a trap I’m talking about – they want your soul essence. They want your life/destiny to become theirs.

Lower Vibration

When you take a sip of alcohol or smoke weed, you’re not just ingesting a substance; you’re inviting a certain vibrational energy into your being. Everything in the universe vibrates, including the food and drink we consume.

Alcohol has a lower vibration that can affect your energy field. It can dull the senses and cloud the mind, which from a spiritual standpoint, might hinder your ability to connect with higher states of consciousness or make mindful decisions.

As I said above, the spiritual consequences of drinking alcohol or smoking pot are that it increases your karma (black substance), which eventually blocks your energy passages and vessels. This will darken your aura, numb your psychic senses, and throw the body out of balance.

Your body is a temple for the divine, and the divine is always unlimited and abundant. Thus, excessive drinking or smoking can damage the energetic field surrounding your body. You will be forced to move away from your original source of infinite happiness and joy to suffer as a result.

Who is There to Blame Regarding the Karmic Consequences of Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Weed?

You might be saying: “I’m not totally in control of my actions, so the demonic spirits should be the ones who are responsible for the actions!”

See, the actions are done on your body, because spirits don’t have a body like us. We borrow our bodies when we’re born into this world as we have to pay taxes to get this body.

When you decide you will smoke or drink, you have already permitted other spirits to influence you. Therefore, the consequences of the actions should be yours.

The Spiritual Consequences of Selling Drugs and Alcohol

The spiritual consequences of selling drugs and alcohol are worse than the karmic consequences of drinking and smoking themselves, for you have influenced another human being to partake in this deceptive act.

What you sow is what you reap. If you have cast a veil of illusion on another human being, you will be under the veil of illusion yourself.

The meaning of life is not about having fun and enjoying life until we die. If that is the case, then Hitler would face no consequences for his actions. It would not be fair, isn’t it?

By selling drugs, you may often find yourself losing wealth, acting unintelligently, gambling a lot (but often losing), having an unfulfilled marriage, having no children, being forced to help others selflessly, or being addicted to the drugs yourself.

The more customers you have, the more karmic debts you have incurred for yourself, so there is more suffering for you in the future. It’s guaranteed that way because the law of the universe never misses anyone who commits a wrongful act.

You are not necessarily a bad person, but humans do bad deeds out of ignorance. So when you realize this truth, it’s important to stop doing what you do and start to change now.

The Wisdom in Overcoming Addiction: A Spiritual Viewpoint

Why do people still drink or smoke if it serves them no good?

As I mentioned earlier, the demons attached to your body as well as the demonic versions of you are very smart and intelligent. They have their own reasons, and these reasons serve as traps that make you always want to come back for more.

They will make you see evil as good and good as evil. They will trick you into believing that by smoking or drinking, it’s all good!

These demons will deceive your inner child. They will also cause a sense of hopelessness in your life, be it by making you face misfortunes, lose wealth, or have tense relationships.

Remember, the cost of substance abuse is not measured solely in the currency of health; it is also counted in the lost opportunities for spiritual growth and the loss of all blessings that you have acquired before.

So, what are the keys to overcoming alcohol and weed addiction?

First, you need to stop what you’re doing, doesn’t matter what the voices in your head say. These are not your thoughts but the tools these demons use to influence your actions.

I’m being serious here because if you succumb to the thought “This is my last time”, there will also be another last time. A wrongful deed can be paid off if you stop now and forever, because there is no benefit in doing that.

Of course, you will at times try to think that there are still benefits of smoking or drinking. But hey! I have said these demons will do anything to persuade you that you’re actually benefiting from the act of intoxicating yourself.

They will show you some scientific articles on the benefits of weed and alcohol; they will activate your lustful, playful, and aggressive nature so you act without thinking; they will tempt you to believe that “your withdrawal process takes time so you can go easy with yourself”; they will say “my friend is drinking so I have to drink”; and they will cause some seductive music to keep playing in your ears; etc.

They can tell you all sorts of things. Yet you will have to pay off your karmic debts with an unfocused, dull consciousness when you’re awake, and so much more. If you don’t want to pay, you will be forced to pay by the universe. These demons want to make you be in the same illusion again and again to feel happy.

This is called “self-deception” because you are deceiving yourself into believing that by doing a bad thing, it will be good!

Quitting will not be easy, but staying addicted will only make your situation worse, because it can snowball karmic consequences stemming from your actions.

Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Paying off your karmic debts doesn’t just simply mean that you realize you have the problems, stop them, and the problems are gone. No! Your actions have been recorded in the Akashic record, which is the entire history of a soul since its creation.

Think of committing a bad deed as taking out a loan from the universe. Suppose you borrowed a friend $10, so you want to make an investment with it to gain more in the future.

There are two consequences that can arise from this action: you can either lose or gain.

In case you lose your investment, which means that you do not make any improvement to your current situation, then this friend would kindly ask you to give him your phone or other assets to pay off the debt.

The same goes for the universe. If you do not change and make improvements, you must suffer so that your black karma is transformed into your white virtues or blessings. The law of the universe indicates all karmic debts must be paid, the sooner the better.

Therefore, the first way to overcome the karma of drugs, alcohol, and addiction is to bravely face hardships. You do not need to intentionally cause harm to yourself, but the universe will automatically do it for you as this is what you have brought on yourself. What you reap is what you sow, because you’re the Creator of your own life.

On the other hand, when you borrow $10 and make $190 back as a return on investment, this happens when you make improvements regarding your current situation and help other people who are going through similar issues.

Think of it this way: when you help 1 person, and this person helps 3 more people, and these 3 people help 5 more people, you’ve already helped 19 people indirectly.

The power of doing good deeds is that it multiplies. The nature of your good deeds is far better than bad deeds. A person can have all darkness in this world but he cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. Similarly, you can do all bad deeds in this world but a single good deed of yours can wipe out all of your bad deeds.

You just have to believe in yourself and start to take action now. Starting with 1 person is all it takes.

Follow a True Spiritual Practice

Following a true spiritual practice is the best way to resolve your addiction karma. Why? Because a genuine spiritual practice includes all the elements we discussed, and even more.

Spiritual practice is about finding your way back to your original, true “home”. It teaches the unchanging laws of the universe, while religions, beliefs, and sciences change over time.

Only by learning the Truth can you truly understand your current situation and the spiritual reasons behind the things happening to you, both good and bad. Everything happening is the result of your own actions and choices – because you are the Creator.

However, you must be truly committed and serious about your spiritual practices. There are many fake spiritual practices that only exist to take your money.

If you follow my Esoteric Astrology course, I will guide you to the assured Way to return to your true nature. This free course explains the mysteries, laws, and truths of the universe – you will know who you truly are and the universal laws that will never change.

It is a free course because money is not what we take with us when we leave this life. There are other more valuable things we do carry forward, which will be revealed in the course.