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Spiritual Consequences of Having Sex Before Marriage: Karma of Premarital Sex

When you have sex, you return to the Source where you came from. You become Divine, able to create another human being in your own image.

Sex is what created you and what allows you to create, so a sexual act is not meant for pleasure and fun, but it is divine and sacred by nature.

Sex is the bridge between life and death. The moment you’re born, the moment of your death is already predetermined. The longer you live, the closer you’re to your grave. The moment you have sex, you will continue to live forever as long as your union is fruitful and multiplies.

According to a research by Sagepub, at least 90% of Americans first have sex prior to marriage, usually with someone who is not their eventual spouse.

And according to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40-50% of first marriages in the US ended in divorce in 2022. The divorce rate for second and third marriages is much higher, with the rate being 67% and 73% in 2023, respectively.

From a spiritual point of view, having premarital sex is neither good nor bad, but it’s about the consequences of your actions. Every action has its reactions, and every reaction can cause another chain of action and reaction.

The nature of your sexual karma is very complicated, so we first need to start to understand what really happens when you have sex with someone.

The Divine Nature of Sex: The Nature of Sexual Karma

Karma is a black substance that materially exists in another dimension. It is a substance that is as real as your inner strength, inner courage, and inner faith.

How can you tell if a person is steadfast and loyal to you? It turns out these qualities physically exist in another dimension. It’s just that your eyes do not yet see.

When you have sex with someone, you form an invisible astral tube or psychic cord in your subtle body that could last at least 12 years. This cord can be seen in deep meditation, and it links your Muladhara (Root) chakra together. Sex is not only a physical act, but it is an energetic, emotional, and spiritual union between a man and a woman.

“For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Mark 10: 7-10

This means that when you break up with someone, you would still have the emotional, psychological, and spiritual connection with that person at least 12 years after your breakup. Yet, this is just a one-night stand level. The more frequency and emotions associated with this act, the longer it takes to get rid of the psychic cord, which can make your sexual karma last more than a lifetime.

This psychic cord is meant to enhance the quality of your marriage because it is where your psychic communication channel comes from. Sometimes, you might just feel like you “get” your partner’s thoughts, emotions, and moods because this is what this invisible cord is supposed to do: to enhance the connection between the husband and the wife.

This explains why even after 5 years, 10 years, or even 40 years after the breakup, you will still remember and feel the pain related to your ex-spouse or ex-partner. It is this psychic cord that makes your separation unbearable as you feel like you have lost a part of yourself, because in fact, a part of you rest with your partner.

Their thoughts become your thoughts; their emotions become your emotions; and sometimes; their karma (bad deeds) become your karma, making you have to bear the suffering of someone you don’t want to have a connection with.

The Science of Sexual Karma

Science can only touch the surface of sexual karma, but they also prove it. National Academy of Sciences has found out that the father’s DNA can persist in the mother’s blood for as long as 27 years postpartum.

Twenty-seven years… This could explain why when couples have sex with each other over a long period of time, they may really look like each other because they contain the DNA of one another. And this is how your children will be created in the future: the combination of your DNA and your partner’s DNA.

During sexual intercourse, you do not just exchange your sperm and egg, but you unite your thoughts, emotions, spiritual essence, karma, virtues, energy, vitality, and so on. This leads to the­ formation of sexual karma, creating either positive or negative effects based on the­ nature of the interaction.

Spiritual Consequences of Having Sex Before Marriage

There are two types of karma or consequences resulting from having sex before marriage: you either marry the person or you don’t.

If you don’t marry the person, then it’s very likely that you have incurred sexual karma with someone else’s wife or husband, and this can bring far-reaching consequences for both of you in the future.

As you know, your predestined love will be as smooth as silk and as natural as learning how to eat. It will make sense for both your logic and intuition. If you have to exert a lot of effort, manipulate, or play mind games to get someone to love you, it’s likely that the person belongs to someone else.

Intimacy is Meant for Commitment

Most major world religions view sex as a sacred act that is meant to unite a married couple in the deepest physical and emotional way.

As I indicated above, the karmic consequences of your sexual bond can last at least 12 years after your breakup, and the DNA that you have in each other can stay for as long as 27 years. Casual sex outside of marriage can create a lifelong spiritual attachment to someone you do not wish to remain connected to. It can cause a negative soul tie.

The truth is that when you have sex prior to marriage, you have to deal with uncertainty and insecurity. You have eaten the fruit before it is ripe, so the karmic consequence is that the fruit can be bitter and sour rather than sweet. There will be fears, insecurity, guilt, jealousy, and possessiveness between you and your partner.

You may think: Is this person really loyal to me? How many partners they’ve had before me? How could I trust this person so much that I gave myself to them?

Now, because of your past sexual interactions, you may naturally want to find a way to secure the bond between you and that person. This is our human nature: you do not want to lose the person you have sex with, nor you want someone else to have sex with them.

Sex can cloud your judgment and make you ignore red flags by creating a hormone called “Oxytocin”, which makes you believe that there is true intimacy while there is just temporary pleasure.

Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t know the relationship is turning toxic, but it’s that you know it is becoming toxic, and you still want to keep the emotional and sexual bond with your partner. It’s your attachment that is the root cause of the problem here.

The sexual karma exchanged in an intimate union is not only individual but also generational. This explains why your children will sometimes look like their great great grandparents because the karmic consequences of sex can affect you for life(s).

Therefore, traditional men and women were very careful when choosing their marital partner. When the woman has given herself to a man, she has also given away her divine feminine essence to her partner. If she has had sex with many partners, she may not have enough of it for herself as well as her future husband. She is basically trading her long-term future happiness in exchange for her instant gratification or short-term happiness.

We’ve learned this in science: energy is neither created nor destroyed. Energy changes from one form of energy into another form of energy – it can either be transferred or transformed. So, by having premarital sex, you basically transform your energy of long-term marital happiness into the short-term happiness of flings and fun.

But this is not the end of the world if you’ve lost your virgin, because if you are truly determined and committed to paying off your karmic debts, there is always a solution. The best way is through a true spiritual practice if you’re sincere enough, and I will talk more about this as we move toward the end of the article.

Some argue premarital sex allows couples to “test compatibility” or see if they are sexually compatible before marriage. But true compatibility is about so much more than just physical or sexual pleasure – it’s about shared life goals, values, communication, and commitment to each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

Saving sex until marriage reinforces that the relationship is built on an emotional and spiritual foundation rather than just physical attraction.

Spiritual Consequences of Having Sex with Multiple Partners

When you have sex with another human being, it’s not just about a physical act, but in essence, it’s a spiritual union between the masculine and the feminine, the yin and yang. This can be a permanent exchange where you swap your thoughts, emotions, karmic debts, and virtues with each other.

Now, let’s say your partner has slept with many people before, with one person being a smoker, one being a drinker, and the other being a violent person. When you make love with your partner, you may actually exchange all of the energy with the other partners before you.

You may find yourself suddenly wanting to smoke, drink, or act violently without knowing why. Or you may experience a sudden change of thoughts, moods, and behavior.

In fact, all of these tendencies have their roots, which you may not even understand because you don’t know how many people your partner has slept with before and what they did in their life.

Unfortunately, having sex with many partners tends to get worse with women because their bodies are yin by nature, so they are more receptive in terms of storing the essence and karma the male partners give them. A woman’s womb is sacred because she is divine, and you need to know that!

There are also many other spiritual consequences of having sex with many partners, some of which may include:

  • Fertility issues
  • Sexual diseases and health problems
  • Emotional distress
  • Damage to future relationship and marital life
  • Inability to have a good relationship based on trust, loyalty, and commitment
  • Lack of meaning in life
  • Lack of inner fulfillment
  • Lack of self-esteem and respect from others
  • Stress, anxiety, insecurity, and depression

Sometimes, you must suffer to pay off your karmic debts. There is no way around it because the law of the universe indicates every human being must pay for the consequences of their actions.

Freedom vs Commitment

In our society today, freedom and independence are the utmost values because you want to do what you want whenever you like. However, our ignorance is that we don’t heed the Law of Cause and Effect, failing to recognize the root cause of our problem.

For example, if you make love before marriage out of a desire for the freedom of choice, then what you sow is the seed of “freedom”. What you sow is what you reap. Therefore, you will reap the fruit of “freedom” in your relationship, which means that the two people involved will most likely be free to do whatever they like, without any commitment involved.

This can be the root of “open relationships” or “common-law partnerships” nowadays because two people don’t want to commit to each other, but they just want to stay together and have sex.

Of course, there are much more complexities than just the above explanation, because what you sow can be more than just “freedom”, but also the impatience to wait, the attitude of “claiming your partner”, and the jealousy of wanting them to be yours.

However, if you wait until marriage, the seeds that you sow are the seeds of “patience” and “commitment”. What you sow is what you reap. Hence, you two will most likely be committed to each other for life (depending on individual cases), because you both have not violated the principle of trust and eaten the fruit before it is ripe.

You may not have to deal with insecurity, trust issues, and possessiveness because you’ve trusted each other enough to commit to a life-long dedication to each other. Your marriage is sacred, and this is why the people in the past called it “the vow of marriage”, for a true relationship is not something to just satisfy your sensual desire. It’s a “till death do we part” type of connection.

According to Ifstudies, the odds of divorce are lowest with zero or one premarital sexual partner. Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce.

STIs: Not Worth the Risk

Another karma related to premarital sex worth noting is sexual health. In this day and age, it’s so easy to contract something through casual contact.

Even with protection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are always a risk without a completely monogamous relationship. Some STIs have serious lifelong impacts too.

Is that a gamble you really want to take? Your well-being is too important to put in jeopardy. Why expose yourself to such dangers when true love and commitment are out there waiting for you?

Your future spouse will appreciate you keeping yourself safe for them too. Your worth isn’t defined by how many people you’ve been with. True fulfillment comes from caring, committed relationships – not risky flings.

Unplanned Pregnancy: A Major Complication

Accidents happen, even when you think you’ve taken precautions. Today, there is no method of contraception that is 100% effective against unplanned pregnancy.

Are you ready to take on that kind of life-changing responsibility outside of marriage? Raising a child alone or having an abortion can lead to far-reaching karmic consequences, because abortion is considered killing. And what about the emotional impact on all involved?

Kids deserve to be brought into a stable, loving home. Why put your future child’s well-being at risk?

Your worth isn’t defined by giving in short-term desires. You have so much wonderful love to offer within a committed relationship – it’s wise to save that gift for someone who truly makes a lifelong commitment to cherish you.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

With our world’s morality declining nowadays, it’s easy to get tempted to look at life through rose-colored glasses. Casual flings may seem like fun and games now. But do they truly satisfy you in the long run?

In fact, so many people end up still feeling empty, used, and craving real intimacy after they have sex before marriage. True emotional and spiritual fulfillment comes from deep bonds – not fleeting encounters.

In other words, making yourself sexually or emotionally intimate with other partners risks confusing or hurting yourself and others down the road.

For example, if you’ve had other serious romantic relationships where you shared yourself deeply in the past, it may be harder to fully give yourself again – physically, emotionally, and mentally – just to one partner in the future.

What Do Religions View Having Sex Before Marriage?

We’ve talked about the karmic consequences of having premarital sex, so how do religions around the world view sex before marriage? Here is a brief overview:

  • Christianity: Most Christian denominations consider premarital sex to be a sin, believing sex is only acceptable within the bounds of marriage between a man and woman. The Catholic Church is one of the strongest in opposing premarital sex.
  • Islam: Premarital sex is strictly forbidden in Islam. Sexual intercourse is only allowed between lawful husband and wife. Even kissing or touching between unmarried couples is discouraged. The Quran speaks about ‘zina’ – which encompasses all forms of sexual misconduct, including pre-marital and extramarital sex.
  • Judaism: Orthodox Judaism forbids premarital sex and believes sexuality is only appropriate between married couples. Conservative and Reform branches take a more lenient view but still stress the importance of preserving sexuality for marriage.
  • Hinduism: While premarital sex is generally discouraged in Hinduism, some regional and cultural interpretations are more accepting depending on the tradition. However, traditional Hindu scriptures, like the Manusmriti, advocate for chastity until marriage.
  • Buddhism: Buddhism itself does not make explicit statements about premarital sex. However, most Buddhist societies view sex as exclusively for married couples and premarital sexual relationships are discouraged due to the potential for harming others.
  • Sikhism: Premarital sex is considered against the Sikh faith’s values of chastity and fidelity within marriage. Sikh scripture promotes living ethically and respectfully toward oneself and others.

How to Cut Sexual Cord or Remove Negative Soul Tie

Contrary to popular belief, cutting a sexual cord or a negative soul tie cannot be done through rituals, prayers, visualization, or any form of magic. If you do so, you just deceive yourself. It’s like you borrow someone $1 million, then run away and hope to never pay off your debts.

This is just self-deception and illusion because if you don’t want to pay, you will be forced to pay. By whom, you ask? By the universe, because the laws of the universe do not change!

Every wrongdoing or karmic debt has to be cleared off by enduring hardships, the sooner the better. This is the reason why when you become enlightened, it’s usually out of pain and suffering, because the wound is the place where wisdom can enter you.

Your karma, which is a black substance, can manifest in many ways, such as unlucky situations in your life­, losing money, having unsatisfied love affairs, having unexplained health diseases, having sexual problems like premature ejaculation (for men), or even having unhappy marriages/children.

Hence, the first way to cut your sexual cord is to overcome your suffering. You don’t need to seek it, because problems will naturally come to find you no matter where you go. If you don’t like to suffer, there are still other ways that will help you pay off your debts far better than suffering.

Helping Others

We have learned that energy is neither created nor destroyed. In order to transform your karma (a black substance), you need virtue (a white substance) because these two substances are interconnected in a specific dimension associated with your body. When your eyes are open, you will see them.

Virtue is gained by doing good deeds, overcoming hardships, and helping others. If you don’t like to suffer, you have to help others, because there is no way around it: you either help or suffer. This is called the law of karma and virtue.

Think about having a karmic debt like borrowing the universe $1 million. If you borrow the universe $1 million, you need to make an investment with it instead of using it for pleasure and fun. If you succeed in making $3 million and pay back the universe $1 million, you have won $2 million.

How is it possible? Because when you help one person and that person assists 3 others, and these 3 people help 5 more people, you’ve helped 19 people indirectly, and this domino effect will keep going. Beginning with one person is all it takes to start paying off your karmic debt.

The key here is helping other people going through similar issues, because if you help other people with their food, what you receive can be related to food or resources, which may not be the same thing as sex.

Of course, you should still try your best in every possible way to help people. What I mean here is in order to pay off karmic debts related to sex, you need to balance two sides of the same coin.

The nature of your good deeds is far better than bad deeds. A person can have all darkness in this world but he cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. Similarly, you can do all bad deeds in this world but a single good deed of yours can wipe out all of your bad deeds. I’ve talked about this in my Esoteric Astrology Class 7: Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Follow an Authentic Spiritual Practice

Above paying off karmic debts and helping others, following an authentic spiritual practice is the best method to cut your sexual cord or pay off your sexual karma. Why? Because it includes all the elements we’ve talked about, yet there is so much more.

Spiritual practice is about how to return “home” and your original nature. It is about understanding the laws of the universe that do not change while faiths change, beliefs change, and sciences change.

Only by gaining the Truth can you truly understand your current situation and the spiritual reasons behind things. All of the good and bad things happening to you are because of you – the Creator.

But you have to be serious in your intentions and commitments about spiritual practices. There are many fake spiritual practices out there that exist solely to make money out of you.

If you follow my free Esoteric Astrology course, I will guide you to the assured Way to return “home” and original nature. This course will explain the mysteries, laws, and truths of the universe – you will know about who you truly are and the universal laws that never change.

It is a free course because money is not the thing we take with us when we leave this life, yet there are other things that we do take with us, which will be revealed in the course.