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The 33rd Degree Secret Teachings of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. The language of symbols is the language of wisdom, because a symbol can indicate multiple meanings on multiple levels depending on one’s level of enlightenment.

Everything happens for a reason. From the new logo of Twitter to the back of the US $1 dollar bill, you can see the symbols of Freemasonry everywhere. From the first US president to the last US president, you can be confident that all of them are masons.

In order to join the society of Freemasonry, masons have to vow not to divulge the organization’s secrets because the truths of the universe are not allowed to be revealed to common men. A person who gives advice to a headless man is himself in need of advice.

Upon hearing the words of wisdom, if ordinary men do not laugh, they are not the words of wisdom. The price of knowledge is to be given to those who can keep it, not lose it. If Masons revealed their secrets, they would risk their lives.

However, the time has come when the mysteries must unfold. The secrets must be revealed; the world must change; yet the Truth remains the same.

Mason = Ma-son = Mother-son

Masons are seekers of Truth, who are the the custodians of the universal laws that govern our universe. The Laws are universal and do not change. No matter if a person is rich, poor, asian, or Christian, we all live under the same law of nature.

Mason is a coded word for ma-son or mother-son. You can see this pattern has been repeated across many cultures since ancient times.

Even the flag of Islam nowadays is a representation of the mother-son principle as the Moon represents the mother and the star symbolizes man or the son.

The mother-son principle indicates that the Creator of the Earth is a feminine force. We’re talking about a feminine principle here, not a sex (female vs. male). This is why we say Mother Earth but not Father Earth. This is why we call Hiram Abiff or Freemason “a Widow’s son” because the widow does not have a husband. This means our mother Earth doesn’t need a husband to give birth to us.

Pythagoras once said: “God is a number” because numbers are not merely numbers, but energy, vibration, and frequency. He associates each letter/principle with a specific number.

Masculine is 1 and feminine is 2. In esoteric teachings, Alpha is also 1 while Belta is 2. Joining them together, you will have Alpha-Beta or the Alphabet, which represents the union between the masculine and the feminine.

Eve does not come out of Adam, because Adam and Eve are principles that govern our universe. Eve is an anagram for “VEE” (or V) if you switch the order of the words, whose numerological value is 22. In numerology, 22 is the Master Builder symbolizing the mother of all living things.

Because we’re talking about principle, “the mother of all living things” indicates Eve is also the mother of trees, rocks, mountains, animals, humans, etc. She is the Mother of Adam, because the first man on this planet is a wo-man or the womb of man. Without this womb, no man can be born!

No matter what beliefs and religions say Eve is the rib of Adam, the Truth never changes because men come out of women, which is natural, not artificial. I’ve talked about this topic clearly in my free Esoteric Astrology course, so you should take it for more detail.

Adam is also a coded word for Atom. When God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, it means God slows down the atom.

As the atoms slow down and become denser in this physical plane, they become solid and crystallized (visible). As the atoms vibrate faster and higher, they become air and delicate (invisible). Hence, we “fall” from a higher plane down to a lower plane, vibrating slower and slower as God slows down the atom, from a being of light to a being of matter.

When God takes the rib out of Adam, he symbolically takes out the “rib” of the letter A and reverses it to make the letter V. When you join them together, you will have the symbol of Freemasonry, which represents the union of the masculine and feminine, the Alpha-Beta or the Alphabet.

The symbol of Freemasonry also looks similar to that of the hexagram, which is a representation of the mark of the beast 666. It is also the number of man because only those who have wisdom understand it.

Occult Number 13 – Your Mother/Woman is a Divine Being

Most people think number 13 is an unlucky number, but it is not. This myth is related to the Last Supper in the Bible where 13 guests attended: Jesus and his 12 apostles. The next day, on Friday, Jesus got crucified, so Friday the 13th is considered an evil day or bad luck day.

In some countries, most elevators skip the 13th floor because they consider it bad luck. Let me explain the secret of the number 13 for you.

If you take a look at a numerology chart, you will see that the 13th number is the letter M, whose root value is 4 (1+3 = 4).

In Masonic teaching, the letter M represents your Mother, because your Mother is the Matter that God uses to create you. This is why the word “mother” in English comes from the word “mater” in Latin. In fact, the letter M representing the Mother has been repeated in many cultures because the laws of the universe are universal – we all live under the same law:

  • Mother (English)
  • Mẹ (Vietnamese)
  • Madre (Spanish)
  • Mère (French)
  • Ma (Chinese)
  • Mutter (German)
  • Mãe (Portuguese)
  • Мать (Russian)
  • Mā̃ (Hindi)
  • Μητέρα-Mitéra (Greek)
  • Mater (Latin)

When God makes man out of clay, it means your Mother is the Matter that God uses to create you. Who is God? It’s your Mother! Without your mother, will there be you? Do you see the divinity in your mother-child relationship?

Of course, your mother can’t bear you unless there is your father, but we’re talking about a principle here. Only women can give birth, and that which gives birth is the universe. From your mother that you are born and from your Mother Earth that you die, so women are the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, and the beginning and the ending.

If you want to see God, you have to treat your mother/woman right. If you mistreat any female on this planet, you will be met with divine retribution, for this is the immutable law of the universe.

Religions believe only the Devil claims himself to be God, but their God is a coded 666, from Allah to Jehovah to Muhammad. So we should follow the Truth, not what people say or believe in, because the Truth will make sense for both your heart and mind. Every female on this planet is divine, and you need to know that!

The word material also starts with the letter M because in whatever you do, you need material to create, whether the material is knowledge, tool, energy, or substance. Therefore, Eve (or V), whose numerological value is 22 = 2+2 = 4, is the material that God uses to create all things. She is a principle that acts as the Master Builder of everything on this planet, including Adam.

In esoteric teachings, the letter M also corresponds with the element water, because the most original matter of our universe is water.

But the water I’m talking about is not the water of our ordinary human world. Nor is it the water of the rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans that exist at different levels. My Teacher said this water is what creates all matter and lives of a cosmic body at a given level.

To be precise, it should be called “still water,” as it doesn’t move. It’s completely still and motionless. It wouldn’t ripple or splash if you were to toss something into it.

You can only see this when you advance spiritually and return to your original nature. Indeed, your supernatural powers are your natural powers; you just need to regain the power you once lost and return to your true “home”.

Heaven is Found Between the Women’s Legs

Here is the secret of secrets of Freemasonry: Heaven is found between the women’s legs. Women are the only beings who can navigate unborn spirits into our world – men do not have this power. She is the one who gives birth, because she is the tree of life who can bring fruit into our world.

If you want to enter another realm, you have to enter it through a woman, because her body is the sacred portal between the spiritual and the material. If you treat your woman right, she will raise kings, queens, and gods because she is divine herself.

You can see many Masonic buildings resemble the ankh, because the ankh represents Venus – the symbol you see in the female washroom. In esoteric teachings, the symbol of the ankh also represents the womb of the woman’s body.

This is why the ankh is regarded as the symbol of eternal life because it is due to the woman’s wombs that your descendants can continue to thrive. Without her, there will be no life on this planet. She is a God because all humans on this planet are children of God. There is no daughter of God because women are Mother of God.

Hence, the female vagina is the Holy Grail or the Cup of Life; whoever drinks from it will attain the water of life. Heaven is in between the women’s legs!

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life (the symbol of Venus/the ankh).”

John 4: 13-14

The Letter G

Average masons will say the letter G in the middle of the Masonic symbol represents God, a divine being. Political masons would say the letter G represents G.O.D or Government of Democracy, because this is what they believe in. Spiritual masons will say the letter G symbolizes G.O.D or Generation-Operation-Destruction because these are the phrases that the universe goes through.

Above the 33rd degree, masons would say the letter G represents the G spot of the woman’s body. Why? Because the G in Freemasonry corresponds to the clitoris of the woman’s body, which is what the Illuminati has been hiding through centuries – the Divine Eye of Providence.

If you want to make her feel good, you need to touch this part during your intimate communion, and you will see the difference. Her “eyes” will open when you do so.

Hence, their secret teachings strongly emphasize the importance of seeking Heaven through the woman’s body as a portal to the Divine.

Most masons ban women from their meetings because men at low levels can’t control their lower nature, so it’s dangerous for them to practice sexual magic. Yet, in a higher level of Freemasonry, secrets lie in what is forbidden.

Number 33 – The Master Mind Number

There are the 33 years of Jesus, 33 years of David’s dominion in Jerusalem, and 33 degrees of Freemasonry. These represent the 33 vertebrae in your spinal column, and when your energy reaches above the 33rd, you will have the Mind of Christ or Buddha and can manifest whatever you desire.

Similarly, there are 33 realms in this universe. You can only know this when you have the ability. The meaning of our human life is to cultivate spiritually, to return to our original nature, and to develop our character so that we can grow beyond the 33rd realm of this universe.

Below the 33rd realm, you might become a demi-god and are still subject to reincarnation. Above the 33rd realm, you will be free of reincarnation and can return to your true “home”, where you truly come from. This is the utmost secret of the number 33. It is a Master Number representing the Divine Mind of God.

The Mystery of the Third Eye

The United States, which is the country of Freemasonry, was established on the 4th of July, 1776. In terms of numerology, its number is 4+7+1+7+7+6 = 32.

Where is the last step to go to the 33rd degree? It is the Eye of Providence! This is important because your inner eyes do not usually open through your own efforts. The more you seek it, the more it closes as your inner eyes will naturally release a grey substance and cover itself.

If you keep wanting the inner eye, even as it fails to open, more of this material will leak out, such that it might encase your entire body. It could even become dense and have a large presence to it.

Even if you were to open your inner eye at that point, you still wouldn’t be able to see anything, since your eye would have become sealed up as a result of your attachment.

That material will only start to break up and dissolve once you stop thinking about the inner eye and get rid of the attachment entirely. But you will have to go through a long and painful phase of practice to remove that material—a situation that never should have come about in the first place. 

Therefore, in any authentic spiritual tradition, it is the Master who is the one being responsible for you. You need help from a true Master, who can bestow you the Eye of Providence, or the third eye. This Eye is provided, so the last step to the 33rd degree is the help that you receive from your Master.

Some people don’t realize any of this, though, and they repeatedly ignore warnings from their Master to stop trying for the inner eye, and end up with the opposite of what they hoped for.

Who are the True Masons?

It is a fact that masons are ruling our world, from government to media, to music, to entertainment, to movies, and to an invisible dimension associated with your body.

Particularly in the music industry, there are many subliminal messages that they use to control you without you even knowing it. I have clearly talked about this topic in my article, “Subliminal Messages in Music Videos“, and I believe it is a must-read if you want to remove bad spirits or bad luck happening in your life.

It turns out that there are different sects and groups of masons. There are half masons and there are full masons. There are hard-working masons and there are lazy masons. There are male masons and there are female masons.

Common masons can often be seen in front of the public, such as Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and even Steve Jobs. There are also masons who are possessed by demons or animal spirits, which I’ve discussed in Esoteric Astrology – Class 6: Mars and Aries.

These people are inferior to the true masons, who are the ones behind the scenes. You may never see them unless there is something really important that they must appear. George Washington is an example of a true mason, who is the first US president.

Esoteric Astrology – Class 10: Neptune and Pisces

Despite all of the negative things masons did, despite all the news masons worship the devil, and despite all the magical rituals masons perform to manipulate the public, true masons are actually divine beings, which is your true nature.

Yes, you heard me right: the highest masons are gods. They don’t have attachments such as greed, jealousy, lust, etc. like normal humans do; they just don’t have compassion for your well-being. You may never see them because their meetings are in another dimension.

For example, if they meet in an astral plane, can you see them? Even if you can exit your body and enter the astral realm, you may still not be able to see them because they can use a special power to hide from you. You don’t even know what powers are available to you. You are actually more powerful than who you think you are.

As of now, we are in the stage of Destruction in G.O.D or Generation-Operation-Destruction. Each time when our universe reaches this critical phase, it will rectify or correct all evils and restore the balance and harmony it once had. This is the cycle of this universe, because history always repeats itself.

Why so? Because each time the universe is approaching the Destruction phase, we have found that it correlates with the decline of human morality. Humans are not humans at this time, for sexual promiscuity is prevalent, gangsters become celebrities, drug addictions are normal, and money is the end goal for most people.

You can see this pattern by looking back at history, because the civilizations of Atlantis, Egypt, and Greece were so great yet they were destroyed by nature. The Truth (or the Way) will rectify everything evil at this critical time in our history, so this is the reason why you’re able to read my article now.

Real masons could be the lives that came about after things deviated from the Way over a long period of time. They have no idea that the universe has degenerated. It is precisely this type of being who, in order to safeguard everything of their own kind, obstructs human beings’ obtaining of the Truth, impedes the Truth-rectification, and has formed an extremely evil force.

But they are not demons, though they are doing things that demons could never even aspire to do. They hypocritically pretend that they look out for people’s well-being, but their damage is real. These people are in the process of being eliminated, and they know it. If you follow them, you will be destroyed.

However, if you truly want to cultivate yourself, if you truly want to return to “home” or original nature, where there is a Will, there is a Way. The Way is not a religion; it has no form. You cannot gain the Way by human attachment; you can only gain the way through your righteousness and moral conduct.

The Way is bestowed by Heaven, based on the Will of Heaven, and for humans to return to Heaven. From the smallest universe to the highest universe, the Way does not change while sciences change, beliefs change, and faiths change.

I’d recommend you to take my Esoteric Astrology course for free if you’re still hesitant about your divine nature. I will reveal almost every mystery and secret teaching in our world. And if you’re truly sincere about improving yourself now, the Great Way of Cultivation will guide you. Only the Truth will set you free.