6 Soulmate Aspects in Synastry that Just Make Your Relationships Work

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Mignon McLaughlin

The moment your eyes first met theirs, you felt it – a spark, a connection, and a sense of knowing. Your souls seemed to recognize one another, like old friends meeting again after years apart. What creates this profound bond of friendship and love at first sight?

Well, there may be an astrological reason for that!

Synastry, or the comparison of two people’s astrological charts, can reveal some fascinating insights into your relationship compatibility. In particular, there are six major aspects in synastry that are commonly associated with soulmate or twin flame connections.

Let’s explore what they are and what makes them so special!

Disclaimer: This article suggests potentials and possibilities.

1. The Sun-Moon Aspect – Your Emotional Foundation

When your Sun makes a flowing aspect to your partner’s Moon (or vice versa), it creates an instant emotional rapport and sense of comfort between you.

This is because the Sun represents your core identity and conscious mind, while the Moon represents your inner world of unconscious feelings, instincts, and emotional needs. When these two luminaries connect positively in synastry, it’s as if you just “get” each other on a soul level.

You may find that your partner intuitively understands and validates your needs and emotions in a way no one else does. Their mere presence has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel emotionally secure.

At the same time, your partner may feel deeply seen, accepted, and cared for by you. This Sun-Moon compatibility lays the foundation for a nurturing bond that helps you both feel “at home” in the relationship.

2. The Venus-Mars Aspect – Your Passionate Spark

While the Sun-Moon aspect creates emotional harmony, the Venus-Mars aspect generates romantic chemistry and sexual attraction! Venus rules love and beauty, while Mars rules desire and attraction. When these two planets connect favorably between charts, it kicks your relationship passion into high gear.

You’ll find it easy to get each other fired up in and out of the bedroom. The chemistry may have been instant – that heart-pounding “love at first sight” feeling. Even years into the relationship, you’ll have a hard time keeping your hands off each other!

Yet the bond goes deeper than physical infatuation. You’ll also enjoy laughing together, being playful, and having adventures as a couple. Your shared zest for life is a huge part of what makes you soulmates.

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3. The Venus-Venus Aspect – Your Shared Values

Do you and your partner share remarkably similar tastes, values, and approaches to love and relationships? If so, you likely have a powerful Venus-Venus link in your synastry!

As I said above, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. When two people’s natal Venus placements interact positively, it creates shared affinities and ideals when it comes to romance.

You may notice you have the same tastes in art, music, and entertainment. Your sense of beauty and values around friendships, money, and fun may also sync up perfectly. You’ll instinctively empathize with each other’s relationship needs and make each other feel adored.

Life’s simple pleasures will be exponentially amplified when you get to experience them together. This natural compatibility brings out each other’s sweet, affectionate, and romantic sides.

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4. The Eros-Psyche Aspect – Your Mind-Body Connection

While traditional astrology focuses on the Sun, Moon, and other major planets – modern astrology also looks at asteroids like Eros and Psyche. When these two connect in synastry, it creates a profound mind, body, and soul bond.

Eros represents primal sexual attraction and passionate desire. But Psyche represents the soul and spiritual side of love. When these asteroids unite in synastry, you get the best of both worlds – intense physical chemistry blended with a worshipful, soul-merging love.

Your physical and spiritual selves feel fused together in this relationship. You can have deep, endless conversations about the meaning of life and feel like you’re able to see into the depths of each other’s souls.

Yet you’ll also have an irresistible magnetism and dopamine-fueled craving for each other that never fades. Your love transcends the physical realm without losing its earthly passion.

5. The Juno-Juno Aspect – Your Shared View of Commitment

In astrology, the asteroid Juno represents marriage and commitment. When two people’s Juno placements interact favorably in a synastry chart overlay, it creates innate compatibility around relationship values and long-term outlook.

Juno-Juno aspects mean you and your partner will be on the same page when it comes to what you want from a committed bond. Whether you prefer a traditional marriage or a more modern twist, you’ll share the same definition of what commitment looks and feels like.

There’s an unspoken understanding that you’re in this for the long haul and willing to work at the relationship. You view commitment as a sacred pact and cherished way of life rather than a trap or burden. This shared foundation helps you navigate life’s ups and downs as a team.

6. The Juno-Venus Aspect – Your Shared Ideal of Love

Another significant indicator of soulmate potential is when someone’s natal Juno makes a flowing aspect to the other’s Venus. Juno again represents committed partnerships, while Venus rules love and affection.

When you have this aspect in synastry, you hold the same idealized image of the kind of love you want to experience – and you are able to manifest this dream blue love together. There’s compatibility around your affection, romance, cooperation, compromise, and creating relationship harmony.

You take great joy in making each other feel special. Yet you also know relationships take work and are willing to put in the effort.

You support each other in being the best version of yourselves while remaining equals. This shared concept of love helps you maintain respect, appreciation, and tenderness through all of life’s chapters.

Finding Fulfillment Together

When you see one of these 6 powerful aspects show up in your synastry chart, it’s a good sign you have a soulmate potential!

These connections often indicate natural emotional rapport, passionate attraction, shared values, and lifelong compatibility.

May the stars shine on you as you journey through life and love hand in hand!