Mars-Mars Aspects in Synastry: Sparks Will Fly

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

Joan Crawford

Holding on to anger and resentment, which is what Mars represents in astrology, causes suffering. Forgiveness is an act of love towards ourselves and others. It lifts heavy burdens from our hearts and sets us free. When we let go, we open up space for more love.

Have you ever felt an instant, almost magnetic attraction to someone? That feeling that you just have to be near them, like your energies are pulled together?

Chances are, you and that person have a Mars-Mars aspect in your synastry chart!

Mars contacts between charts indicate passion, sexual chemistry, and activity between two people. But while all Mars connections indicate high energy, how that energy plays out depends on each unique aspect.

Let’s look at five major Mars-Mars aspects to see how your synastry sparks may fly!

Disclaimer: Synastry is an art of possibility and potential.

Mars Conjunct Mars in Synastry: Pure Fire

If your Mars conjuncts your partner’s Mars, your drives and desires seem to perfectly align. It’s like you two operate on the same wavelength when it comes to taking action and going after what you want.

There’s a feeling of “I’ve finally met my match!” The energy between you is electrically charged. You fire each other up and encourage boldness and risk-taking behavior. Together you make an unstoppable pair.

Mars is the planet of passion, so you both have a mutual passion. Like wildfire in a dry forest, desire combusts between you. Tempers may flare, yet the makeup sex sizzles. Your ambitions align in purposeful action.

Together you can move mountains or burn down the village. Such is the vitality conjured when your warrior planets unite!

Indeed, Mars conjunct Mars synastry is the most explosive and dynamic Mars aspect of them all. The energy between you is like fireworks, fast and fiery. There’s a raw, almost primal attraction here that’s hard to resist.

You and your partner will be highly passionate with this conjunction. You’ll find it hard to keep your hands off each other! Arguments are also likely since you both have dominating Mars energy. The key here is to channel the passion into productive outlets so it doesn’t combust.

When you approach your partner with respect, Mars conjunct Mars synastry ignites incredible magnetism, confidence, and chemistry in a couple. You spur each other on to be the very best versions of yourselves!

Mars Sextile Mars in Synastry: Smooth Sailing

The sextile between Mars is a blissful aspect that highlights the positive side of your connection. There’s a lovely flow of active energy here. Your desires and ambitions are compatible, so you work well as a team.

You can bring out each other’s daring, assertive side in a way that feels fun rather than threatening. Your partner makes you feel more bold and self-assured. You don’t hold each other back but provide one another with genuine encouragement to pursue dreams.

Since the sextile is a more gentle, subtle aspect than the conjunction, you’re not overpowered by passion. The attraction between you simmers rather than burns out of control. But it’s still deeply satisfying!

This aspect allows you to be incredibly productive together. You can channel all that dynamic Mars energy into mutual goals without butting heads too often. It’s full speed ahead with harmony and teamwork!

In fact, with Mars sextile Mars synastry, your passion flows in harmony. The sex thrills consistently. You help build each other’s confidence in the bedroom and in life, making each other feel sexy and bold.

Arguments are rare and soon resolved. You feel greater personal power as a couple than you do alone. Under this influence, you can take your intimate life to new heights of sensual expression. The god of war conspires to fan the flames of your mutual desire for love and trust!

Mars Square Mars in Synastry: Clashing Forces

With Mars square Mars synastry, the energy between you two seems to be prickly and competitive. Your desires and impulses are at cross-purposes. What one of you wants, the other may undermine.

Your partner’s approach to asserting themselves and going after their ambitions can rub you the wrong way. And likewise, they feel you’re too forceful in pursuing your goals. It may seem like a constant power struggle.

Fights can break out over seemingly trivial things because your basic urges and temperaments conflict. You need to give each other plenty of breathing room in this relationship. Trying to control the other will only backfire.

With Mars square Mars synastry, your physical chemistry is also hot but the ride is bumpy. This contact indicates strong sexual attraction but clashing styles.

You and your partner both have strong Mars energy, but you apply it differently. This can cause power struggles and arguments. If you don’t keep your egotistical tendencies in check, you’ll often find yourself engaged in heated debates. Anger and frustration can build up until it explodes into fighting or passionate sex.

Despite the clashes, this can be an addictive chemistry. You’re intrigued by each other and feel compelled to interact. Your war planets are obsessed with each other, spellbound in a tempestuous dance. The gods of war are at odds yet seduced by strife.

Mars square Mars synastry can be worked with by understanding each other’s style and finding a compromise. You are the United States and your partner is China. You will need to find a diplomatic compromise that works for you both!

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Mars Trine Mars in Synastry: The World is Your Oyster

When Mars is trine Mars in synastry, the chemistry between you feels easy and natural. Your energies harmonize beautifully. There’s a free flow of activity and passion between you.

You instinctively understand each other’s desires and motivations. When one of you is fired up to go after a goal, the other provides enthusiastic support. You’re excellent at spurring each other on.

In conflicts, you’re usually adept at finding fair compromises. There’s give and take because your basic urges aren’t fundamentally at odds. You take each other’s wishes into account.

With so much powerful Mars energy flowing smoothly, together you can move mountains. Things just seem to magically click into place once you join forces. The world is your oyster!

The steady support this aspect provides allows your ambitions and passions to thrive side by side. In each other, you have found the perfect teammate and cheerleader. Day by day, you just love your partner forever more.

As Mars rules sex, you share a natural physical rapport, with instincts that sync up effortlessly in the bedroom. Each of you intuitively knows what touches will please and excite the other. There is little inhibition between you in expressing your carnal desires.

Together you feel confident, energetic, and willing to experiment. You want to eat your partner like a lion pursuing its prey. You sometimes skip foreplay yet still manage to go as far as Orion.

There’s an open, honest quality to your physical relationship. You help replenish each other’s reservoirs of personal vigor. Under this influence, passion flows hot and steady like a volcano waiting to erupt!

Mars Opposite Mars in Synastry: It’s Complicated

Just like other opposite aspects, Mars opposite Mars connects your energies in intense and complex ways. The attraction between you is strong – almost magnetic. But it’s a chaotic mixture of great passion and great frustration.

Your impulses and desires may collide frequently. What one of you wants, the other doesn’t, at least on the surface. You may feel like you’re playing a constant tug-of-war trying to meet in the middle.

Fights can erupt when your dueling Martian energies reach a boiling point. But the passion means incredible make-up sex is never far behind! Mars is the planet of sex, and opposites attract, so they make sure your fighting time in bed will be as hot as chili and as fiery as the sun in the midst of summer.

There’s a raw sexual attraction but you may lack true understanding… You may argue and debate often, yet feel drawn together. Growth comes from compromising and learning each other’s life goals, core values, and purpose. Without genuine communication, your “troops” will not be allowed to enter your partner’s territory.

Overall, the gods of war incite explosive engagements in this opposition. Competition is common, yet you motivate each other to change. Just don’t get addicted to the drama and volatility.

With mutual understanding and adaptation, this prickly opposition can inspire growth in you both. You’re perfectly capable of uniting your disparate wants into shared goals. Mars-Mars opposition works best when you find a common ground.


There you have it, the five major Mars-Mars aspects broken down. As you can see, connections between your Mars bring intensity, passion, and liveliness to your relationship – for better or worse!

In all its forms, Mars-Mars connection is a tempestuous and lively affair of the heart. The gods of war stir your passions, but their greatest gift is proving the strength of your bond.

I hope this overview gives you insight into how your passions and ambitions blend with your partner’s. May your synastry reveal the purpose and lessons of your union! Let me know if you have any other questions.