Mars-Eros Aspects in Synastry: Passion, Desire, and Sexual Chemistry

“True love stories never have endings.”

Richard Bach

As seasons change and time takes its toll, the flames of passion can dwindle and smolder. But true love is like an eternal hearth fire; though it may burn low, it never goes cold.

Have you ever felt an intense, almost primal attraction to someone you just met? Do you find yourself longing for physical intimacy with a new romantic interest, even if you barely know them yet?

When this happens, it’s likely due to powerful Mars-Eros aspects in your synastry with this person!

Synastry compares two people’s natal charts to analyze their compatibility. Mars represents our libido, aggression, and sexuality. Eros represents our erotic nature and physical passion.

In this post, you’ll learn about five major Mars-Eros aspects in synastry and what they mean for your relationships.

Disclaimer: Synastry is an art of possibility and potential.

Mars Conjunct Eros in Synastry: Intense Attraction and Fiery Passion

A Mars conjunct Eros aspect is one of the most potent indicators of sexual attraction and passion in synastry. This sizzling conjunction amplifies your desire, eroticism, and carnal magnetism between you two.

Both Mars and Eros rule different aspects of sex, and they are both masculine by nature. When you have Mars conjunct Eros with someone, you’ll feel like you just can’t keep your hands off each other!

The chemistry and attraction will be super intense from the start. You’ll both feel incredibly drawn to each other physically and struggle to control your urges.

There’s a thirst and hunger stirring within you when you’re together. You want to be a tiger, chasing and devouring your partner! This isn’t a polite, proper kind of love. It’s fiery, spontaneous, and almost primal by nature.

You desire your partner like bees going after honey. When Mars joins Eros, passions ignite easily. The sex is steamy and red-hot. Like a spark that starts a wildfire, together you burn with an untamable intensity. Your conjunction fills the air with electricity, magnetizing your souls.

Control is often lost in the crackling combustion, rational thought consumed by smoldering eyes and racing hearts. In each other you have found your hearth. An unquenchable thirst to explore the depths of intimacy. Together you delve into erotic mysteries, shedding inhibition and baring your body, mind, and soul.

With Mars conjunct Eros synastry, you will find your partner’s presence totally arousing. You revel in the pleasure you evoke, pushing each other to new heights of ecstasy. Yet this is more than just physical attraction. It is a recognition of someone who understands the same fierce longing that churns within you.

Yours is a dance of endless desire, each leading the other into wilder, more abandoned movements. Arguments and disputes between you may also erupt from this ferocious energy. But the make-up sex will be out of this world!

With Mars conjunct Eros synastry, your sex life will be passionate, adventurous, and highly satisfying once you learn to take your love to a spiritual level.

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Mars Sextile Eros in Synastry: Playful Passion and Confident Desire

A flowing sextile between Mars and Eros indicates strong physical attraction and easy sexual rapport. The passion and chemistry come naturally between you. Your desires seem to complement each other beautifully.

You’ll feel confident in expressing your horny desire and affection physically when Mars sextiles Eros in synastry. There’s a playfulness and joy that infuses your sexual connection. You both love to tease, flirt, and build anticipation.

Possessiveness or jealousy is unlikely with this lighthearted aspect. You enjoy each other’s company, banter playfully, and make love with intensity and enthusiasm. The sextile allows you to be passionate while also being best friends!

Together you cultivate a vibrant field of passion. Creativity and sensuality blossom as you nurture mutual inspiration. Each encourages the other to boldly explore their desires without inhibition or fear of judgment.

The sextile is less intense than the conjunction, so there’s a comfortable back-and-forth that allows you both to relax and be yourselves. You enjoy pleasing your partner and making them happy. You want to peel back the layers and unveil all their hidden depths.

Mars sextile Eros synastry makes it easy for you to stay physically interested in one another long-term. You have enough in common to bond soulfully, and enough excitement to keep things sexy and fun between the sheets!

Mars Square Eros in Synastry: Frustrating Desire and Seductive Tension

Have you ever met someone you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to sleep with or strangle? That love/hate chemistry is common with the Mars square Eros aspect in synastry. This frictional square can create strong physical attraction laced with underlying irritation and tension.

You may notice a push-pull dynamic at play between you. One minute you’re unbearably drawn to each other, the next you’re getting on each other’s nerves. Yet the passion never completely fizzles out with this aspect.

The fiery square fuels a tense, sexually charged atmosphere between you. You feel magnetically pulled together, but also inherently incompatible in certain ways.

In the bedroom, you may take out your frustrations through erotic play and passionate lovemaking. Competition can fuel your attraction as each tries to gain the upper hand in this game of passion. Power struggles may erupt as you wrestle for control over your untamed impulses.

As both Mars and Eros are fiery and impulsive by nature, Mars square Eros synastry can make you impatient with your partner at times. You want more from them than they are able or willing to give. Your libidos may clash, leaving one person feeling unsatisfied.

It’s also likely that you have had sex before marriage because you seem to can’t wait to taste the pleasure of the forbidden fruit. However, there are karmic consequences of premarital sex, which can make you attach to someone whom your soul doesn’t wish to.

From the conflicts between Mars and Eros emerges a more conscious expression of your deep-rooted need for intimacy. When Mars and Eros square off, the excitement lies in riding the rollercoaster of your tempestuous desire without getting burned. Do not play with fire, but use your fire wisely. Patience will be required to handle the fiery energy of Mars square Eros synastry.

Mars Trine Eros in Synastry: Easy Sexual Rapport and Reciprocated Desire

When Mars trines Eros in synastry, physical chemistry flows smoothly with natural ease. You both intuitively understand each other’s wants, needs, and desires, particularly sexual needs. Your libidos are well-matched which leads to great sexual compatibility.

Romantic gestures will come effortlessly with this flowing aspect. You know just how to make each other feel pleased, special, loved, aroused, and fulfilled physically. There’s an emphasis on reciprocity – you express affection through action and love pleasing each other.

Arguments or conflicts rarely threaten your intimate bond with Mars trine Eros synastry, since trine is a harmonious aspect. You have a knack for working out disagreements passionately but productively. Your desire nature is well-integrated, allowing intimacy, friendship, and romance to blossom beautifully.

Flirtation comes easily and naturally when you are together. In each other, you recognize someone equally keen to fan the flames of passion. You move together, seamlessly matching your pace and rhythm. Like dancing partners who can predict each other’s movements, your energies unite and ignite a fire beyond imagination.

No distraction is allowed, because Mars’ energy is focused. You don’t want “I” and “you”, you want “we” and “us”. The two of you united to create something far greater than the sum of your parts.

Overall, this trine creates a healthy, passionate relationship where you support and encourage each other’s sensuality. Your sex life will be playful, exciting, and deeply fulfilling when Mars and Eros work together in harmony and curiosity.

Mars Opposite Eros in Synastry: Magnetic Attraction and Polarizing Desire

Mars opposite Eros synastry intensifies your sexual magnetism to an almost frustrating degree! This hot yet hard-to-manage aspect electrifies your chemistry. However, it can also test your patience around intimacy.

The attraction is powerful and undeniable when Mars directly faces off with Eros. You are drawn together like magnets, unable to resist the erotic charge between you. At the same time, opposing Mars and Eros can make it hard to get on the same page sexually.

One of you may come on too strong at times, while the other person wants a gentler or subtler approach. Getting into a rhythm together is challenging. Your different styles of expressing intimacy may clash. This can lead to standoffs where no one’s needs get fully met.

Mars opposite Eros synastry represents passion but polarization. This potent opposition can create wildly magnetic attraction coupled with irritation and conflict. Sexually, the chemistry is through the roof! But you have to be willing to self-adjust your style to match your partner’s unique needs.

Eros often seeks slow pleasures, foreplay, and sensual affection. But Mars wants penetration, aggression, combat, and raw sexual energy. Your opposing needs can clash and collide, setting off explosions of anger and desire. At times your stormy fights inevitably end in passionate make-ups. But the calm after the storm may never last for long.

Overall, Mars opposite Eros synastry generates incredible magnetism and stirs up your passions. You just have to beware of violence sneaking into the bedroom. It’s a violent act! This aspect warns of storms ahead if you don’t learn self-restraint and patience.


As you can see, Mars-Eros aspects in synastry ignite our raw passion with the tenderness of our hearts. The aspects between these celestial bodies reveal how you and your partner kindle, feed, enjoy, and sometimes struggle with the flames of erotic desire between you.

While the hard angles like square and opposition can bring tension, they also generate intense chemistry. The flowing aspects like trine and sextile promote ease and harmony. The conjunction is a union of both planets.

I hope you enjoy this article and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!